Hey everyone! Need to lose 100+? Ya me too:/

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Hi everybody my name is Ellen. I just started my journey to lose some mega pounds! Wish me luck! Always looking for new friends to talk with, and others looking to lose weight, and motivate each other. I got over 100 pounds to lose, and I definitely need all the motivation I can get.


  • rdytocosplay
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    Hey Ellen, I also need to loose over 100 pounds. Im so with you on the motivation thing. maybe we can help each other out! My name is Emily. :D
  • em6lalala
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    Same I need to lose just over 100lbs.. we can do this!
  • anl90
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    I'm looking to lose around 100 lbs as well. It's a little depressing to admit, but we can do this!!
  • Tanya1551
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    Me too ladies ! Hoping to lose 100 ....started yesterday
  • cmag1014
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    Hey all, this can and will be done. Remember to have patience. I'm in the same boat so let's do this.
  • nursekirsty
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    Same here add me
  • shinycrazy
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    When I started I had 150 pounds to lose. I'm down 60lbs so far! This can be done! I've got 90 more pounds to go!
  • lgarten69
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    Hi everybody! My name is Lisa I have over 100 pounds to lose. I have tried many different ways to lose weight and never made any progress because In my heart I liked the idea of losing weight but was not ready to work hard for it. I'm ready now !
  • Hey girls! Just started this journey to loose a little over 100 pounds. I'm very determined to do this. I played multiple sports in high school and my husband and I used to be very active, but now not so much. I'm going to get back to when I felt healthy!
  • TechAaronLoyd
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    Well I have lost 42 of my 100. So I am moving right along... I wish you all luck. It has been hard work and sacrifice but worth it!
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    Hey Fam, need to lose the century myself. Looking forward to rediscovering me.
  • Shull_rachael
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    Same here! I feel like crap tired out being out of shape! Best of luck!
  • Adenine87
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    I got 100+ to lose too! Feel free to add! :)
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    Hi Ellen I think we can do it. I also need to lose over 100 lbs. I did great in the beginning of the year and lost 40 lbs but since then I have gained 20. So i am starting again. Please add me maybe we can motivate each other. And anyone else want to add can as well for motivation purposes. Te me the workouts that works for you. What are eating less of. I am interested on how you plan to succeed.
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    I also have over a 100 pounds to lose. I will be adding you all if you don't mind! We can do this.
  • elahti1029
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    I'm with ya!
  • PrincessMegan13
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    Hi Ellen! I started my journey with 100 to lose, and I'm down almost 21 so far! We can do this, and I totally agree that it's so awesome to be able to have support and friends to cheer you on along the way. Add me, if you'd like! I'm in this for the long haul, so I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon! :)
  • bri170lb
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    Wow! So many of you, all in one day, just getting started!

    I just wanted to encourage you! I started at 300 and I weigh 189 now. I still have 38 pounds to go, but I'm sure I can do it if I keep working at it. I've been working on it for about 2.5 years now but have lost the majority of the weight in the past year, since I started exercising and keep my food diary.

    I really have done all the things you read about here on MFP. Eat less, move more and log my food as carefully as possible. Now that I have less to lose I have found that I need to weigh and measure even more carfully than before.

    I know you can meet your goals. Congratulations for getting started! Remember to celebrate even the smallest victories!

  • ajarosz78
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    Me too. Im at 263....goal 150 to 160. Add me and message me any of you all. I am 37...mom of a soon to be 3 year old daughter... :)
    Work full time and getting my masters in business administration
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    Hey girls, I'm currently 270 and want to get to 170, I've never liked being skinny skinny but recently I've gone over the top. My main problem is that I eat too much, I can't stop with one piece of chocolate, I eat the whole thing. So I hope I learn portion control via myfitnesspal... wish me luck! ^_^