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Hi!! Anyone new can add me if they like I talk about myself a little in this post

misti777 Posts: 217 Member
edited November 2015 in Goal: Maintaining Weight
My name is misti and I've returned to logging after a long break when other things just took priority.

I have gone up and down and up again in weight while not using this site.

If anyone new wants to add me they can.

I watch Doctor Who, read Dean Koontz, and do youtube


  • zoeysasha37
    zoeysasha37 Posts: 7,088 Member
    Hi Misti! I'm Rachel. Welcome back !
    ( my son loves doctor who ! I don't watch it but hear all about it from him ! Lol )
  • dhimaan
    dhimaan Posts: 774 Member
    Not a big Dr who fan but I wish you all the best. Remember we are here to help you.
  • misti777
    misti777 Posts: 217 Member
    Thanks for the replies guys
  • pbm89gt
    pbm89gt Posts: 42 Member

    I'm starting over for a third time myself, I've been struggling with getting motivated again. Good luck from a fellow Whovian!
  • Bbeliever215
    Bbeliever215 Posts: 234 Member
    Whovian here!!!!!! Last episode was a tear jerker...Anywho feel free to add me
  • Twincle1970
    Twincle1970 Posts: 45 Member
    Also a Dr Who fan, last episode I was gutted, they got rid of the wrong actor! I cant stand this Doctor, think its pathetic with the glasses, absoltuley ridiculous a game of thrones lead character has found her way in and find the story lines at best naff, at worst political, this series, but will watch anyway :)
  • KatyP86
    KatyP86 Posts: 164 Member
    Hi Misti, also my second time on the app. Last time I used MFP was about a year and half ago. I've gained 7 pounds since then. Trying to lose that plus more. This app definitely helps! :)