Delicate Topic - Whats the best thing for constipation

Sorry for this but I'm 3 weeks into a low carb ABC diet and getting more and more "sluggish", tried more finer and juices but still getting little movement! lol

I have used occasional laxatives in the past but worry about stimulant laxatives

I could do with something that sorts me out then I can maintain things with more natural things

Any suggestions for a fairly quick fix? I feel so bloated!

I have had some prune juice today but nothing yet!



  • MommyL2015
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    Sometimes a strong cup of coffee does it for me but if it doesn't, I haven't found anything else that will that doesn't involve laxatives.
  • aniqa109
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    I'm not sure but bananas or grapes? That's what my mum would tell me to have
  • OyGeeBiv
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    Try warming your prune juice.

    Moving helps. Get a little more exercise and see if that helps.

    Meat is very constipating. Maybe try other sources of protein. And make sure you're getting enough fat.
  • Pawsforme
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    A hot cup of coffee first thing every morning
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    Since I only get constipated when my fiber dips down I find taking it back up to my usual level tends to resolve it in no time. Given you are doing low carb I'm not sure any of my remedies would work for you since all of them and quite high in carbs like dried fruits (especially dried figs and prunes), bran, oatmeal..etc. I find that I need a mix of both soluble (to pull moisture and bulk) and insoluble (to help things along) works best.

    Are you eating enough fat? A low carb diet without enough fat will do that to you so increase your fat percentage.

    Edit: I just googled the ABC diet plan and the name alone is very worrying. ABC stands for Ana Boot Camp and the days range between 500 calories and total fasting for 8 whole weeks. It's understandable why you have issues. Not enough bulk to move, not to mention this diet is very unhealthy and may lead to health issues, not to mention cannibalizing your muscles which will leave you looking skinny fat. I doubt that's your goal.
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    This may sound weird but seems to work, put your feet up on a step/stool while sitting on the toilet.
  • Purplebunnysarah
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    Make sure you are drinking enough water :)
  • JannyH2
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    I'm staying well hydrated yes, water is always on hand for me!

    If it has to be laxatives then so best then I need to think about what is best!
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    @JannyH2 is this the ABC diet you are doing?

    The Ana Boot Camp (or ABC Diet, not to be confused with Robert S. Wieder's ABC Diet) is an internet diet meme passed around on forums devoted to pro ana (pro anorexia, a movement promoting anorexia as an alternative lifestyle rather than a disease).

    What You Eat
    The Ana Boot Camp Diet is a simple 50-day schedule listing the number of calories that the dieter is advised to eat. Calorie levels range from zero to 500 calories (one day only lists 800 calories), in an apparently random pattern.

    Ana Boot Camp supplies very few calories, only a fraction of the calories even than the Master Cleanse, which is considered by many to be a virtual fast. And the Ana Boot Camp is 50 days long, whereas most Master Cleansers don't continue for longer than 10 or 12 days. Thus the Ana Boot Camp diet is potentially extremely dangerous.

    The Diet's Theory
    The diet is based on the concept of calorie shifting, a dieting theory born from the idea that when you reduce your food intake suddenly, your body shifts into "starvation mode," an evolutionary defense mechanism in which your body's metabolism becomes more efficient in order to cope with an expected shortage of food. By varying the number of calories each day you presumably trick the body into not realizing that it is being confronted with a shortage of food, thus preventing starvation mode.

    Problems with Theory
    The concept of "starvation mode" as applied to dieting is a myth. Although there is a grain of truth underlying the idea, the degree of efficiency that your body can achieve during a weight loss diet does not materially affect your rate of weight loss.

    And in the case of the Ana Boot Camp, it's preposterous to think that your body would interpret days of 400 or 500 calories as "feast days" that would counter days of 100 or 200 calories. Every day of the Ana Boot Camp diet is a fast day.

    The Ana Boot Camp diet will cause you to lose weight not through any metabolic hacks, but rather through simple lack of food. And it will do so at the risk of the dangerous side effects of long-term fasting, including loss of heart muscle.
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    kshama2001 wrote: »
    @JannyH2 is this the ABC diet you are doing?

    No not that (ANA) one the other with food combining of certain foods, most of which are low in calories and carbs
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    movicol is a god send - however its prescription only
  • soapsandropes
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    A cup of coffee or black tea for caffeine and big bowl of oatmeal, then go for a walk.
  • Liftng4Lis
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    magnesium citrate
  • HappyHope0123
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    Warm prune juice...gross, but usually effective in 4-6 hours. Coffee helps as well. There's this herbal tea - Smooth Move...VERY effective. OTC meds: stool softeners and laxatives (Colace and/or senna) for prevention, a dose of MOM in the evening before bed, or Miralax. To bulk up your stool..Metamucil (fiber) or simply add fiber to your diet.

    Honestly, sweet potatoes seem to make me go!
  • kshama2001
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    JannyH2 wrote: »
    kshama2001 wrote: »

    No not that (ANA) one the other with food combining of certain foods, most of which are low in calories and carbs

    How many calories are you eating per day and how tall are you?
  • norcogrrl
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    Your stools will change while eating low carb. Depending on your macro ratio, you may find that they are a lot smaller than they used to be and less frequent. This does not nessecarily indicate a problem.

    If you're concerned, you can supplement with magnesium or experiment with adding more fats to your diet. You can also choose foods with a high water content.

    But, those things won't change much if you don't have much to get rid of. I eat low carb (sometimes very low carb) and the change in stools is taking some getting used to.
  • rainbowbow
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    Firstly, increase these in your diet.

    fat intake, fiber intake (both veggies and try metamucil?) , water intake.

    Then, if it's still not working, add some coffee, laxative type teas, magnesium, or a laxative. I don't suggest you do this first simply because i know it can be easy to become dependent on these items to go. Better to see if you can fix the problem with your diet first.
  • Bbeliever215
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    I second the magnesium citrate. I would suggest getting the liquid version ( here in the states you purchase it at any pharmacy or usually comes in a glass bottle and resembles soda or seltzer water ) now, then going forward get the pills and take daily as a supplement to support regular bm. Again, that's if you're getting enough fat, fiber, and water in your diet. Also look into a probiotics.
  • snowflake954
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    I am with the others that say what you're eating isn't right. Your body is trying to tell you something. You need more fiber. I started taking aloe vera (concentrated) a year ago. I take a tablespoon mornings, as soon as I get up and another just before bed. I have been "regular" ever since. It also makes my skin nice. However, I'm eating the mediterranean way--a little of everything, lots of fruits and veggies, so that makes a difference. Good luck, but is this how you want to pass the rest of your life?
  • ValerieMartini2Olives
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    Fruit on an empty stomach. I have orange juice and fruit every morning and in an hour, I have to go. My body is on a schedule now.