Let's get fit together!! Trying to lose 125 pounds!!

hi I'm dyese I love MFP I've used it a few times but know I'm committed! I'm ready for the change! Let's motivate each other and live a healthy lifestyle!!!


  • isabel88g
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    I am also trying to lose 100+ lbs. Ive failed in the past but this time I am beyond determined to lose weight :)
  • rdbbailey63
    rdbbailey63 Posts: 3 Member
    What are you doing to change? Are you doing a certain diet or just changing the way you eat?
  • PrincessMegan13
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    Hi! I have a grand total of 100 pounds that I am trying to lose, and I've gotten rid of almost 20 of it so far, so I'm in this for the long haul! I'd love to be a support for you, if you'd like! It's so much easier with a support system to fall back on and draw motivation and encouragement from (in my opinion, anyway. LOL!) :)
  • escotech2883
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    Im on the same journey as you keep your head up and good luck if you need anything im here
  • lemond2014
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    @rdbbailey63 no I'm not doing a diet I'm eating healthy and clean and doing exercises . Diets are temporary as we all probably have seen over failed diets and fads but a healthy lifestyle is forever !!
  • pickled1974
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    Hi I'm trying to do the same. Not restricting myself just better choices and calorie counting. Although today went a bit off.
    Good luck everyone
  • annalissaloren
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    Hi! Started my weight loss journey yesterday. My goal is to lose 50 lbs by my 30th birthday (June 12, 2017)! I am incorporating a clean eating diet with regular exercise. I'm really enjoying using myfitnesspal - I like being able to track my food and exercise. Just in two days, I've already become aware of how much idle eating I was doing.
  • Hi, I'm Brenda, I started my weight loss last week. I am working on losing 80 plus pounds.
  • mendozajenn27
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    Hi I'm Jen. In the long run my goal is to lose 100 pounds. Previously I lost 40 pounds and now have gained 30 of the 40 :-( I'm really focused right now on losing the 30 I gained and to continue on my journey. I'm looking for extra support I recently just moved and I'm struggling to develop A strong support network.