Festive Beverages?

rjan91 Posts: 194 Member
Looking for ideas for low calorie low sugar beverages for Holiday parties. What does everyone drink? I was thinking of wine spritzers with diet soda?


  • FatFreeFrolicking
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  • aimeerhiannon
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    I don't drink alcohol anymore, but for parties I make up a punch jug with muddled fresh fruit and mint leaves in the bottom, then about 5-6 servings of a sugar free cranberry cordial, then half a box of orange juice, topped with soda water. A 3L jug only needs a 1/2L of orange juice so it's quite low cal over all. Would be good as a mixer with vodka or I guess you could swap out half the soda for bubbly wine :)
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    Honestly, the difference between wine vs scotch or vodka is negligible. Moscow Mules made with diet and served in the appropriate copper mug is festive. But I think the greater issues would be budget, number of people attending, and how much fun they plan on having. ;)

    My sister who is very slender says she likes vodka with a little bit of vodka.