How did YOU find out

dmac_101 Posts: 433 Member
about Santa Claus?

Walk in on your parents wrapping gifts? Older sibling spoil it for you? What happened?


  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,841 Member
    Far as I remember, the logic of it just stopped making sense.
  • NaomiJFoster
    NaomiJFoster Posts: 1,450 Member
    I'm Jewish. I always knew. It was my job to keep the secret from my other little friends. And that is a job that I failed. I told my best friend when we were five. I got in trouble.
  • JSurita3
    JSurita3 Posts: 10,188 Member
    Never believed in Santa. Ever...
  • MisterRok
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  • _SummerGirl_
    _SummerGirl_ Posts: 3,791 Member
    What do you mean? Are you saying Santa isn't real?! :cry: but but but...I was good all year long :innocent:
  • pie_eyes
    pie_eyes Posts: 12,965 Member
    I was looking through my parents *kitten* and found pre wrapped gifts
  • synchkat
    synchkat Posts: 37,369 Member
    I still long as I believe Santa will bring me gifts.
    I'm gonna go with the logic answer @Timshel_ said. a couple of years ago I found some letters I had written to Santa...and all my teeth I had lost...that was gross
  • MondayJune22nd2015
    MondayJune22nd2015 Posts: 876 Member
    I never believed that Santa Clause was real, as in currently exists because 1st I'd have to believe that a person, could live that long & the Guinness Book Of World Records, never indicated; that it was Santa Clause but I did wish, that the Care Bears; were real. Even though I always just knew, that they weren't either because I never had seen animated people and/or animals walking around, that weren't on television; besides costumes & Halloween ensured, that I'd always know it was a costume because I wore costumes also.
  • DrFever100
    DrFever100 Posts: 5,899 Member
    I'm Italian.... when the gifts stopped and the money envelopes started I figured it out haha
  • pie_eyes
    pie_eyes Posts: 12,965 Member
    There was another time I was still in denial and heard my parents wrapping gifts one early morning

    That was the nail
  • Train4Foodz
    Train4Foodz Posts: 4,298 Member
    I had a pretty cruel older brother and sister.. the rest, is history!

    In fairness.. looking back, some of the christmas pranks they played were pretty funny!
  • jbuzzed
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    My parents were amazing so I didn't figure out until my grandmother told me he wasn't real.
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    Wait....... What do you mean???!!!
  • Crimson_Fire
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    @dmac_101 started a thread on mfp and told me :/
  • sw33tp3a15
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    I have blocked that devastating moment from my memory. I really don't remember lol
  • JessicaJS23
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    DrFever100 wrote: »
    I'm Italian.... when the gifts stopped and the money envelopes started I figured it out haha

  • therealklane
    therealklane Posts: 2,172 Member
    I found the gifts before I got them one year and started to notice the handwriting looked like my dad's. I remember telling my mom that it looked like my dad's handwriting and she came up with some excuse. Haha

    However, I still believe ;)
  • michellemundi
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    I was all excited jumping on the sofa thinking Santa is coming in the morning..(5years old) But then my sister with a evil face said "u know what, Santa is not real stupid, it's mum and dad" Hahahaaa and laughed as she walked off!!