Fitbit ideas

I got a Fitbit for Xmas any tips and advise greatly appreciated


  • TeaBea
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    Step 1: Join the FitBit users group. There is tons of information based upon your FitBit model.

    Step 2: Use the "APPS" menu to sync with MFP. Find the check box that allows negative adjustments. This means if you do not reach the activity level (you signed up for) can get calories taken away.
  • Lo0n3y
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    Have u got one ? What do u think about them
  • extacymoon
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    I agree with what the other person said. I have a charge HR and love mine.
  • Kimegatron
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    I have a Zip and a new HR. I love my HR! I just sync it with MFP. Their customer service is awesome, too!
  • TeaBea
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    I have a FitBit One - I like it. It clips on so it's discreet. It counts stairs, and tracks sleeps. Some wrist models may have trouble with arm movements (playing guitar) or lack of arm movements (pushing a shopping cart).

    There is no heart rate component, but I already have a Polar HRM for non-step based steady state cardio workouts. No biggie.