Let Yourself Transform! - an 11 week weight loss challenge



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    How does group help? I'm new here, and I wonder how exactly being in a group helps with meeting goals.

    I think when you know you are doing this with other people it helps keep you going.Watching people lose weight can be an insentive to do the same and when you see other people not having an easy time,it can let you know that you are not alone.Submitting your weight on here every week,I think helps keep you motivated to stay on track :)

    Great answer!
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    Hi! Please send me an invitation. I have 50 pounds more to go and I am motivated!
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    Everyone, up to this point, has been sent an invite.

    Please go here, to accept your invite:


    Then read the "Please Read" topic. After that, get involved! :smiley:

    No more invites will be sent. Thanks a bunch for all of the interest!
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    Hi! My name is Kristen and I have been the host of 16 long term weight loss challenges, here on MFP, and now it's time to get ready for the next one! This new challenge is "Let Yourself Transform!" and goes for 11 weeks. It is from January 11 to March 28. Our weigh ins will be on Mondays (closing each week at noon CA time and re-opening every Thursday). You can weigh in early also (Thursday – Sunday) so our first weigh in starts on January 7!

    I'm a really informal host. The group will be pretty easy going, with a great mix of people posting and supporting each other along our weight loss journey. We won't have pressure either! Just accountability.

    Some of the topics we have are:

    Motivational Quotes!
    Mini Goal Measurements
    What You Do That Can Help Others...
    Articles and Videos
    This and That
    Before and During!

    You don't have to participate in anything but the weigh ins, if you don't want to.

    If you'd like to join, please let me know here and I'll send you an invite to our group. If you try to join there, sometimes there are so many invites that don't get accepted that I don't see some of the requests.



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