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Is there such thing as being "too healthy."

I'm in shape, I work out almost everyday, and I watch what I eat. I always update my diary and make sure I don't go over anything. I always want to splurge and have an unhealthy meal, but I see so many things that just aren't healthy because I see the way they're prepared and it's not good. Or I just don't eat out as much as I would like to.

I feel like I worry way too much about eating healthy and right. I usually know what I'm putting into my body, but I like the fact of knowing how much I'm eating everyday. Am I worrying too much? I'm not trying to lose or gain weight. Just trying to stay in shape and stay healthy


  • dragonbug300
    dragonbug300 Posts: 760 Member
    It's only detrimental to be healthy if your quality of life/mental state of being are affected negatively.
    Eat healthy. So few people do.
    But allow yourself to splurge if the situation arises (i.e. social gatherings, lost in Antarctica with only a Snickers...).
    Don't obsess. Just live your life.
  • ShellyMacchi
    ShellyMacchi Posts: 975 Member
    seeing as this is the only body, only health, and only life you will have... sounds to me like you are doing a good job!
    it's called being responsible to yourself i believe *S*, and that sounds healthy to me *S*

    could be cause i do the same thing *L*
  • LauraMarie37
    LauraMarie37 Posts: 283 Member
    I feel like if you are putting whole categories of foods into the "I can't eat this" category, it sounds a little bit like orthorexia. If you won't have it from certain places because it's not made well (like you won't eat a hamburger from McDonald's), that's one thing. If you won't eat certain foods ever (no hamburgers no matter what!), to me, that's healthy to the point of being unhealthy.

    (Obviously, I'm not talking about people who exclude foods for moral/religious reasons.)
  • flyawaybyebye
    There is something called orthorexia, where you are obsessed with being perfectly healthy to a point where the obsession is, ironically, unhealthy. However, unless it is negatively impacting your life in some way (for instance, you don't spend any time going out with friends because you don't want to be tempted by unhealthy foods or would have to skip a workout), I think you're fine. If you spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing about what you should or shouldn't eat, how much you need to workout, etc., you might want to see if you can control that. If it feels out of control, you might want to talk to someone (pastor, counselor) about it. But if you're just disciplined (which is what it sounds like to me), then I'd say you're doing great!
  • cthomas1967
    To me "healthy" is as much a state of mind as it is a state of body. What I mean is, if you're obsessing about your eating, your exercise... that's not good. If you can't skip a day at the gym without feeling shame, or guilt, or feeling lazy and worthless... that's an issue. You may have a finely tuned body, but you can't neglect your mind. You need rest, relaxation, joy and happiness as much as you need cardiovascular fitness and a low body fat. Don't neglect the other half of the equation. You have to try to find balance between giving your body what it needs to be healthy and giving your mind what it needs too.
  • megsta21
    megsta21 Posts: 506 Member
    If i was at a healthy weight i would watch what i eat and make sure i exercise a bit but I wouldnt be OCD about logging... but that doesnt mean you cant...

    Why are you worried about this?? :huh:
  • kowskey
    kowskey Posts: 19 Member
    You will have a much easier time of it if you give yourself a break every once in a while. Friday nights are my night: I eat whatever the heck I want; I drink as many beers as I please. I'm very much still on track toward my goal, but it's a heck of a lot easier to behave the rest of the week when I know I can look forward to Friday night.
  • carolynmittens
    there's nothing wrong with caring about what you put into your body. most people don't care nearly enough!
  • Tyscheff
    Tyscheff Posts: 21
    Thanks everyone. And I have those splurge days and go out with people. But if it's a late night dinner where we go to McD's, I usually wind up just eating an apple and just hanging with friends.

    I guess my problem is, I have a fear of gaining weight and becoming fat. It's very bad actually. Maybe I should go see a doctor or something.

    I have cut back on using the diary for some things because I have picked up cooking. I love cooking. And that's hard to count the calories and such, but I watch portions. I don't stuff my face.

    Thanks for all of your help everyone
  • ritaadkins2002
    ritaadkins2002 Posts: 371 Member
    I think u are doing the right thing, only if i new what i know now i wouldn't be here with bad health. You are doing good by taking responsiblities of watching what u eat. Keep up the good work; i am proud of u. Rita
  • Jorra
    Jorra Posts: 3,338 Member
    If you're "too anything" it's not healthy. Health is all about moderation. I do suggest talking to a doctor if this fear of getting fat is disrupting your life. Always remember that no one is perfect, you won't get fat from one indulgence. You obviously have the willpower to continue a healthy lifestyle, so you have the willpower to moderate your indulgences.
  • chrisdavey
    chrisdavey Posts: 9,834 Member
    I know how you feel. Was out with some mates on the weekend and I had definitely already had my splurge. Mates were then talking about going to Pizza Hut for all you can eat. To me, that just doesn't cross my mind. I've eaten pizza once in about the last year (and my sister owns a Domino's store :P) But just the thought of that being the only option for food gets me a bit worried. (moreso now that I am injured and can't just train harder to burn it off)

    Being a former fat boy, I also have the "fear" of getting fat even though in reality I know it's not a quick process. I might even try not logging for a while and see how it goes. (maybe after I can train properly though)
  • LauraMarie37
    LauraMarie37 Posts: 283 Member
    I think a serious fear of being fat is definitely a sign to see a good doctor. It's good to be able to put loving your body before fearing and mistrusting your body!