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Knee pain

Hey, so I'm relatively new to working out. But I've been doing really well with diet and exercise! I've been doing my elliptical every day, and 100 squats.. (Plan to add more stuff in..) so my right knee has really been hurting. It kinda hurt before I started doing a lot of squats. But it's starting to worry me. I have t added weight yet, just body weight. I Also plan on doing body weight lunges..(til I add weights.) Any advice? Should I stop....? Don't want to but if I'm doing damage, then should...? Thanks in advance.


  • Abakan
    Abakan Posts: 361 Member
    I had knee pain when I first started exercise, after a while my muscles got used to the extra stress I was putting them under and the pain stopped . When after a few months I took up running, again my knees started to complain so I asked my doctor if It was safe to continue and I was surprised when she yes but stick to running off road. I still get knee discomfort in my right knee now and then, I use ice packs on it to take down any swelling.
    If I were you I would check with my doctor that there's nothing wrong beyond you needing to build the muscles around your knee's, make sure you doing your squats with good form, and ice your knees when you finish exercising.
  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 28,032 Member
    edited January 2016
    Until the knee pain goes away, stop with the squats and don't do lunges.

    Meanwhile, strengthen the area around your knees. When you are able to get back to it, I wonder if far fewer squats with weights would be more beneficial than 100 weightless squats. That sounds like a recipe for a repetitive motion injury.

    Here are the exercises my doctor gave me:


    Also, every few issues of the MFP blog e-newsletter there are articles on knee issues. Here are some of them:
  • ngagne
    ngagne Posts: 57 Member
    See a doctor.
    I had knee pain. Went to Doctor to check it out. It was an "over use" injury (which could very well be the same for you). Doctor said it was fine for me to continue doing whatever I wanted - I wasn't actually going to hurt my knee; it was just very painful. Did some physically therapy - they had me do movements to strengthen everything around the knee. Basically, doc said overuse was putting too much stress on the knee too quickly and strengthen everything else; quad, hammy, calf, hips, glutes, etc, would help alleviate that stress (and pain) in the knee (the impact that the knee was taking would then be absorbed by my other muscles).
    It felt like someone would slide a butterknife under my kneecap... it hurt most when I'd go down; down a hill, down stairs... that was all like 3 years ago. It still hurts. I just work out with it. Some days it's worse than others. Usually with a better a warm-up it's not as bad.
    See a doctor - if it's not just overuse... you don't want to tear something.