Blender Recommendations?



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    Ninja pro 1200 v power. Yes it's awesome! Blends up Apple like smooth! No chunky bits. We got the mega which has the blender, individual cups, and a food processor attachments even dough kneader. Can also buy a mill attachment for making flours and a milk n nut bag for making nut milks. I'd love a vita mix one day but this is really a very good thing for my needs. The motor is a 1200 so it can handle more.
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    I have a ninja. Love it.
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    Blendtec! I really disliked my Ninja that I had previously. The blades were really sharp and scary to clean, it couldn't purée hot soups, the plastic was flimsy, it wouldn't make nut butters, couldn't pulverize spinach in green smoothies, the list goes on and on.

    My blendtec was expensive, but I got a good deal on it by buying used on eBay! It can handle ANYTHING and it's SO much easier to clean than the ninja.
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    I love my VitaMix. I have had mine for about 4 or 5 years and works great!
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    Kyrenora wrote: »
    I've started making more soups that I can keep in the freezer. I prefer creamy, pureed vegetable soups rather than chunks of meat, noodles, and veggies floating in broth. However, my food processor doesn't get the pureed consistency that I'm looking for, and my old, second-hand blender has died.

    For those of you who do smoothies and purees, what kind of blender do you use? I need something that can take a bit of a beating, as I'll be making both soups and baby food on an almost daily basis. I looked at the Ninja Master Prep (QB900B) on Amazon and it had good reviews, but I'd like input from anyone who has a blender they use frequently and likes it.

    I use a kitchen aid stick blender love it
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    I use a DASH blender ordered from HSN I really like it! The controls are digital and have pre-set dials for soups, smoothies, and crushing, among other features. You can also set it to manual, if you want a custom blending action. It also has a stamper, which you really need if you're going to make thick smoothies or homemade nut butters. Plus, it has a self-cleaning feature that makes cleaning it a complete non-chore. AND it looks more stylish on your counter than a typical blender. It looks less institutional and more futuristic!
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    I love my Ninja too. It replaced my Kenwood Smoothie2Go. While both are supposed to be inferior to the Vitamix which cost several hundred pounds; neither of them have ever let me down and have performed faultlessly. My daughter has my Kenwood now. Yes, you may get a few more nutrients extracted with the Vitamix, but who can afford those prices? Anyone rich out there who wants to offer me one to put to the test feel free