Has anyone lost weight on Freeletics?

Has anyone lost weight on Freeletics? If so, how much and in what space of time?

I recently joined and have opted in for 5 workouts a week.


  • rejoycethacker
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    Yes, many people have lost weight on Freeletics. In terms of how much, and in what space of time it depends per person. For example, I know one 40 something year old guy that lost 184lbs in 3 years. I also know a girl that lost her belly fat and got trim within 14 weeks. I personally have reached my lowest weight in 3 years, by doing Freeletics consistently for 4 months.

    If you combine your regime with a good balanced diet, you'll see results. You can see a demonstration here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO4nUcx1ies

    Also recommend joining their community. Where are you based? There are facebook groups for different locations and it's nice to connect with people there too. You know you're not alone :)

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    bump for checking this out at home
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    Exercise will definitely help. The more intense, the more likely it is to help. But if you don't have your eating in check, you'll lose some then stall, which can be discouraging and lead you to stop. You need to strike the right balance of eating and activity to be successful.
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    @rejoycethacker I'm based in Stockholm - I tried to find a community there. There seems to be a Swedish Freeletics facebook group, but there has been no activity on their page since October or November :/

    @PaulaWallaDingDongDingDong I agree - am trying to improve my logging in myfitnesspal, more specifically: do less "quick added calories" and make more of an effort to find similar foods in the database
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    Hej!I know it's been a while since your post but I am also based in Stockholm and about to start training with freeletics!I was looking for a group to work out with but they seem to be more advanced while I am definitely a beginner ^^How about you?Did you finish the program?