Just getting started need to lose 100 lbs

I'm Keisha and just getting started on this journey. I need r lose 100 lbs and am having a hard time staying encouraged. I cut out all soda and sugary crap as well as fried foods and I have gained 5lbs!! Geesh!!! Need support


  • Stacy2779
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    I do too. Hang in there girl! Watch all your labels and make your own meals. I stopped eating out and that helped a lot! In 8 weeks I'm down 15, but the holidays didn't help. I'm back on track. If you'd like you can add me. We can support each other!
  • laurenisfitforlife
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    Hi Keisha. Feel free to add me as a friend! My weight loss journey started almost 10 years ago when I lost 120 pounds. Then I gained 85 pounds back. Now I've lost 62 pounds. It can be done! The trick, I think, is to not stop even if you gain or have a bad day (or weeks :neutral: ). I also found logging every day, and logging everything really helped so if you have a 3000 plus calorie day (which I've had!) it's hard to ignore when the figures are there in black and white.
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    I'm in the 100 lbs to lose group....well now its 95...lost 5 lbs in the first week, i can't emphisize how important it is to log every single morsel of food you eat each day....i did the same thing as you.. i cut out all added sugar and salt ...i also cut out most of my carbs and i started walking....each day i add a few more steps...each day i pick a new goal... small goals... small successes ...if you don't have a fitness tracker .i highly recommend one... i have a fitbit charge and it really helps me keep on track and i'm able to see just how many steps i take and how many i need to take to hit my daily goal.... you can do this... if i can anyone can.. i'm the BIGGEST lover of all things junk food... YOU CAN DO IT!!!..DON"T GIVE UP..DON'T GIVE IN.
  • WendyLaubach
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    You'll find quite a few people here with 100 lbs. to lose. Lots of us are making steady progress. One thing I think you'll find, though, is that the only people making steady progress are logging in all their food every single day. No one seems to do well with a general approach like "cut out sugary drinks," though of course that's a helpful element. The key is total calories, and that means logging everything you eat--not just the food you think of as "bad"--and count it up. It sounds like a drag, but once you get into it for a few days it's not difficult. Another common factor is that lots of us find it easier to log in our proposed meals before we eat them, so we know what portions are OK right up front. Then you serve yourself that amount and when it's done, you're done with the meal. No seconds, no spur-of-the-moment snacking. Again, it sounds hard, but it becomes automatic, and then when you see those pounds come off, it's so much fun. Slow and steady wins the race. I'm down 28 lbs. since November, after decades of being overweight. For the first time in a long time, I can say I have slightly less than 100 lbs. to go!
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    I am in the 100+ pound loss club (actually looking to lose closer to 200 myself)

    Cutting out fried foods and soda alone isn't going to do it if you're overeating non-fried foods and other caloric drinks. Here are some tips to help you get started (yes, I copy/paste... it's good advice!):
      - Buy a food scale and use it religiously! You need to know exactly how much you're putting in your body. If you "guesstimate" you will be wrong 100% of the time. - Log everything you eat. Don't get in the mindset that you can only log sometimes. You need to have a history of what you eat to help you know what your triggers may be, know what you are lacking, etc. - Don't change everything all at once or you will just burn yourself out quickly. Make small changes and continue to add to it and a few weeks or months later you will be living the lifestyle you want. - Don't give up just because you go over. Make up for it during the week or just take it as a lesson and move on. Bumps in the road will happen, this is not a straight line - You are accountable for you. Everyone here can push you, but if you aren't honest with yourself, it won't matter what anyone else does. - PERSONALLY: Calories In vs Calories Out (CICO) is the way to lose weight. Anyone who says you HAVE to eat clean, low carb, keto, etc. are fooling you. While they may lose weight faster, it is not something you can normally stick with. Science has proven that CICO is how you lose or gain weight. So eat that pizza, eat that burger, don't force yourself to have salad every single day. Eat the way you want to live your life, just learn to do it in moderation.

    Good luck to you and add me if you like (as well as anyone else)
  • gracepostie
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    I would love to loose 95 pounds! I am just starting out. I need motivation also!! This whole thing is crazy! But I think we can do it :)
  • kaitlynmix
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    Hello, I am also looking to lose 100+ lbs. If you are looking for motivation and friendship, please send me a request! Thank you!
  • GrumpyHeadmistress
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    Hi Keisha. I'm looking to lose 130lb and spent the first week seeing the scale going the wrong way too! Stupidly I'd done a water fast beforehand (I naively thought it was a good way to get started, I know stupid right?!) so I'm basically putting the water back on. Ah well, I know things will get better and I'm happy to act as a horrible warning of what happens if you cut back too far. Feel free to add me too.
  • she_lived_wholly_forevermore
    You got this. Sending friend request. Anyone is welcome to add me as well. :)
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    Hi Keisha. My ultimate goal is 90lbs to start with. Feel free to add me. I'm trying to build up a group of motivation buddies. I too saw the scale go up this morning. Two pounds over yesterday morning! My body is a tricky *kitten*
  • Bshmerlie
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    You guys can all do this. It's not that hard. Sometimes such a huge number seems daunting....but it does go down pretty quickly. Back in April...9 months ago I started out with 125 pounds to lose. Now here I am already down 77 pounds. I've got less that 50 pounds to go and let me tell you time flies. It really does. The hardest part is just sticking to it. Always keep coming back to it...never stop. If you mess up on a meal....just get right back to it on the next. Don't ever consider any day "lost". I didn't cut out anything...I just eat less than what I did before. I use to eat three pieces of chicken at lunch and now I eat two. I use to have the large popcorn all to myself when I went to a movie and now I share a medium popcorn with my daughter. Just take whatever type of foods you regularly eat and make smaller portions. There is no weight loss secret. You don't have to cut out sugar or carbs or pizza. You just can't eat the whole pizza. Just get started and never stop because there is no going back to the way you use to eat. So stop thinking of this as something that you'll be doing for a short period of time. If you want to keep the weight off permananlty than you will always have to eat less than you were before.
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    When you grocery shop you want to make sure that 50 percent your cart is fruits and veggies and 50 is split between your grains and meats. Your plate should look the same. Dont give up..drown your plate in veggies (carrots tend to be more filling) and attempt to portion the other foods properly. We can accomplish our goals!