M/30/6'2 [309 to 180] (1.5 years) A decent amount of pics.

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Hello all, I just wanted to throw in a bit about my success story as well. Long story short I was a really bad alcoholic, to the point where I was closing in on liver issues, and was hospitalized a time or two. With help from an inpatient supervised program, I was able to get off the alcohol, and since then have completely change pretty much every aspect of my life. I eat extremely healthy, workout every other day, and have a much better overall outlook on life!

The only thing that is disappointing is the unfortunate leftover tummy skin, but I am hoping to one day get an abdominoplasty to get it removed, if I can ever afford it that is. Until then, I usually wear compression shorts to make me feel better when I am out and about, and in one of the later pics, my shorts can kind of hide it ok, but only if they stay right where they are.

Just wanted to share some of the pics of my progress. Hopefully it can inspire someone down the line, just like many others have for me since I started!



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    Great job on getting healthy and making the changes, certainly couldn't have been easy! I bet you feel amazing.
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    You look amazing!!! ;)
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    What a beautiful transformation. You have done a great job and should be proud! 1.5 years? Amazing!
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    Awesome job!!
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    I don't know. You see loose skin to be embarrassed by, I see a small trade off for someone who took a control of their life and kicked some *kitten*. Congratulations!
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    Wow....amazing transformation both physically and mentally. Very well done!
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    Kicking the alcohol and all that weight gone ........you have done an amazing job!
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    Amazing. Thank you for sharing. I don't think your stomach looks that bad. It might improve over a short amount of time (1 year or so).
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    Weight loss is hard enough so to overcome addiction at the same time is particularly awesome. Congrats on all of your hard work; you look amazing and should be extremely proud!
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    Wow!! Super awesome! Thanks for sharing.
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    You look amazing!! Great transformation!
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    I don't know. You see loose skin to be embarrassed by, I see a small trade off for someone who took a control of their life and kicked some *kitten*. Congratulations!

    ^^^ This! You overcame alcohol and being overweight - a double-edged sword. You are a SAMURAI!
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    Great job, dude. That's impressive. Congrats on your success with the weight and personal issues. Keep it up!
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    Amazing job! You did what many people can't!
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    Awesome! You look great!
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    Congrats on your success! An amazing achievement!
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    Truly a great transformation my friend! The dedication and discipline it takes to achieve this is only within a few! Excellent!

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    Thank you for sharing your pics. I'm so happy for you. What an encouragement!
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    Looks great! I would say the extra skin is a badge of honor but I hope you get to fix it someday if that is what will make you happiest! You've obviously worked hard and should get what you want.

    On a totally unrelated note, I used to have a bathroom with that same crazy pink/black tile. Straight out of the 1960's. It was our first house and your picture is a bit of a throwback. :smile: