In need of new Music!!!

What do you listen to while working out?


  • Blochner
    Blochner Posts: 13 Member
    I listen to a mix of things. I usually just go with what songs I am into at the time :)
  • xmichaelyx
    xmichaelyx Posts: 883 Member
    No music; just podcasts. Usually Joe Rogan, but sometimes Dr. Rhonda Patrick or Barbell Shrugged.
  • Kyrenora
    Kyrenora Posts: 133 Member
    Depends on the workout. Yoga gets soft instrumentals, but something more rigorous gets like MC Chris or Twenty-One Pilots.
  • patrolman
    patrolman Posts: 2 Member
    I use and you can search for zumba,spinning or running mix.