Pain from injuries really does a head job on me

So I have alot of scar tissue in my stomach from a partial hysterectomy. Also cervical athritis stage 4 from accidents and lower bulging discs. I'm stiff and I used to be so limber before my surgery! Even the accidents didn't screw me up as much as the scar tissue. So getting into proper asanas are hell. So are roll ups in pilates . I still do it but not well. Hoping consistency will overcome


  • Kyrenora
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    I assume you had to stop exercising for a while after surgery. Are you just getting back into yoga now? I got away from it for a few months postpartum and found when I picked it up again I could not even approach a lot of poses I formerly had no problem with. Keeping up with it consistently has really helped me improve, and I'm getting really close to where I used to be. You'll definitely be able to increase your flexibility over time, but you may need to modify some poses due to your spinal issues.