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What's your favorite way to eat canned tuna?



  • KareninLuxKareninLux Member Posts: 1,413 Member Member Posts: 1,413 Member
    lporter229 wrote: »
    Mix with avocado, hard boiled egg and cherry tomatoes (halved), or any combination of the three. Sometimes I throw in a spoon of Greek Yogurt. Also add salt and pepper or cayenne pepper.

    You can make a nice tuna salad with lemon, olive oil and fresh chopped basil. That is good on crackers or a bed of greens. Also, a tuna nicoise salad is nice and can be made with grilled or canned tuna, although I would probably use albacore.

    Sorry, I missed that you like it hot. My mom used to make creamed tuna on toast when we were kids, but I'm pretty sure it's not too low in calories.

    My mum used to make creamed tuna on toast!! (Good memory of my Mum.)
  • AmazonMayanAmazonMayan Member Posts: 1,168 Member Member Posts: 1,168 Member
    I almost never buy it canned now that the flavor pouches exist. I love the spicy thai chili one and the sweet and spicy. I eat it straight from the pouch.

    When I do buy plain tuna, I mix it with either plain yogurt or some cottage cheese, diced onion, diced cucumber, sometimes diced serrano pepper, sometimes diced pickles and some fresh ground pepper. I only add a dash of salt when I use the yogurt and never with the cottage cheese. Ingredients are basically up to what is on hand. I like it in a sandwich or on some crackers.
  • V_Keto_VV_Keto_V Member Posts: 342 Member Member Posts: 342 Member
    2 of my favorite ways (heated preparations with cold additions): 1) +avocado, salsa, & EVOO; 2) +Balsamic vinaigrette & Coconut manna
  • GsKikiGsKiki Member Posts: 392 Member Member Posts: 392 Member
    Tuna salad, tuna sandwich or put it in some veggie and tomato sauce over pasta/rice.
  • QueenmunchyQueenmunchy Member Posts: 3,380 Member Member Posts: 3,380 Member
    Tuna cakes (like cheap crab cakes). Tuna Patties or you can make them exactly like crab cakes mixed with breadcrumbs or cooked potato. I like to top with some kind of mayo based sauce with a little heat.
  • RowingBillRowingBill Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
    Yuck-I eat it holding my nose.
  • OrphiaOrphia Member Posts: 7,056 Member Member Posts: 7,056 Member
    Khovde07 wrote: »
    I love using canned tuna for a quick meal, but coming up with recipes is difficult. I usually make a tuna melt (plain with some cheese) or tuna hotdish (noodles, peas, little cheese). I hate tuna salad sandwiches, which seems to be the only thing I can find. Also, I prefer to eat it hot. Cold canned tuna is weird to me.

    What's your favorite way to eat the stuff?

    They sell packs of tuna and beans, or tuna, pasta and veg. I have those sometimes for lunch at work.
  • MarinaMCV2015MarinaMCV2015 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I like to put it in my omelet! I use one small can, one egg (whole) and 1/2 cup of spinach. If I'm feeling really inspired and I have enough fat to consume, I put a tbsp of parmesan too. It's super low carb and protein packed!
  • turtleskatesturtleskates Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    I like making little cakes with it. I mix it with some egg, some breadcrumbs, chili garlic sauce, and cilantro and grill the cakes :)
  • appleanna82appleanna82 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    I love these ideas!
  • robs_readyrobs_ready Member Posts: 1,489 Member Member Posts: 1,489 Member
    This might sound a little strange. .. But I I eat it straight out of the can :p
  • Cheekies_Cheekies_ Member Posts: 317 Member Member Posts: 317 Member
    Here's my favorite tuna salad....
    canned tuna
    light mayo
    chopped celery
    chopped apple (must be a Fuji apple :) )
    salt and pepper

    Love this! It's sweet and salty at the same time. Also, it works in some healthy carbs and fiber.
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  • jonny92bjonny92b Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    2 cans of tuna in the pan with 2 eggs add in a packet of knorr roasted onion gravy mix salt pepper serve with avacado and mix greens
  • susannegreensusannegreen Member, Premium Posts: 48 Member Member, Premium Posts: 48 Member
    I like it with avocado, lemon juice, black pepper, and tomatoe.
  • chastity0921chastity0921 Member Posts: 209 Member Member Posts: 209 Member
    I work with a lot of diverse ladies. My favorite has been with a can of mixed veggies and mayonnaise on a tostada, and Valentina hot sauce on top. Sounds gross, but it is pretty deliciosa.
  • Murano243Murano243 Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    A good thick tuna cheese melt, you must gut the roll to pack it(i use 2 cans albecore chunk,fresh mozzarella, put it on my sandwich toaster press open a beer and enjoy, that fresh mozzarella creaming out with the tuna and the just toasted hero roll is heaven. I'm so happy my wife doesn't like tuna.
  • arditarosearditarose Member Posts: 15,610 Member Member Posts: 15,610 Member
    Hot canned tuna sounds weird to me
  • Alatariel75Alatariel75 Member Posts: 17,638 Member Member Posts: 17,638 Member
    Mixed with cottage cheese, particularly the flavoured tuna.

    Mixed with corn and grated cheese, then melted on an english muffin.

    Made into tuna patties using packet mashed potato (seriously, it's the only good use for the stuff), egg and herbs. These reheat well too.

    Tuna mornay! Yum!

  • Murano243Murano243 Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    Hi arditarose,
    Have you tried it

    Semper Fi

  • SueSueDioSueSueDio Member Posts: 4,796 Member Member Posts: 4,796 Member
    Made into tuna patties using packet mashed potato (seriously, it's the only good use for the stuff), egg and herbs. These reheat well too.

    I do this too! Can of tuna, 1/2 cup instant potato flakes, a spoonful of mayo, an egg, and a sprinkle of lemon juice and herbs. I haven't had them since I started counting my calories, wasn't sure if they were still okay to eat. Now I really want some... :)
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