tdee calculator vs. myfitnesspal?

I went on iifym to there tdee calculator.
Tdee- 1450
Bmr- 1261
To lose weight- 1160
Myfitnesspal weight loss- 1320
Im 4ft 8, 137lbs, sedentary, goal 110lbs. I have been going by myfitnesspals number. I don't know which one to believe? Please and thank you for posting.


  • Dreysander
    Dreysander Posts: 294 Member
    I prefer MFP + fitbit adjustment. It seems the most accurate.
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    They're pretty much the same, the difference is that you probably don't have the same deficit with iifym and MFP. If your TDEE is really 1450 though, you wouldn't lose anything at 1320...
  • Yi5hedr3
    Yi5hedr3 Posts: 2,696 Member
    MFP usually shoots high. Try 1200 & see what happens.
  • tenkides
    tenkides Posts: 151 Member
    Ok thanks
  • christch
    christch Posts: 238 Member
    The difference between the two calculators is iifym takes into account the amount of exercise you do where mfp let's you eat your exercise calories back. So for you it's probably easier to use mfp and eat the number of calories they suggest. Just plug the numbers in for a steady weight loss.