Going For "Fit At 50"!

Hi fellow travelers-I am new to this app, but already have been motivated and energized by it. As a result of a pre-Christmas trip to the ER fearing a heart attack, I had a moment of fear and clarity. The adage "get busy living or get busy dying" somehow defines that moment pretty well. Since the new year I have been tracking my meals and incrementally have been increasing my physical activity level. I am on a quest to lose weight, improve my cholesterol numbers, and regain my former strength and physique. I began with about 250 lbs on my 6'4" frame. My goal is to hit 215 by my 50th birthday in May. For the first time I feel I have the perspective and drive to make the changes necessary to achieve my results. I am also beginning a mindfulness course and soon hope to start basic yoga. I now understand that physical health and mental health are equally important to long term happiness and well-being. I believe change can only happen when a person is honest with themselves and is ready to engage the process on their own terms. This is my place on the path right now. I hope to share my journey in the "success stories" category one day. I wish everyone with the insight and courage to accept the challenge, good luck and Godspeed!


  • winklemorris
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    Scary story man. Hope your well on your way to improving your health. My goal is to get under 200lbs this year. Add me and maybe we can talk guitar as well. I've been playing for a long time and plan to reward myself with a pettrucci musician when I reach my weightloss goal.
  • Debmal77
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    Welcome to MFP. Thank you for sharing your story. Can't wait to see you in the Success Stories. You got this!
  • jb3348mfp
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    Hey I'm 50 this year too and I play guitar also! I'm looking to get from 95kg to 80kg (I find it easier to measure in kgs rather than lbs). Feel free to add me,