Not doing well

Well, here I am - struggling so I am looking for support. I had gastric sleeve surgery March 15, 2013. This year will be 3 years. I lost 153 pounds and felt real good about myself which was something new to me.
I retired Feb. 27th , 2015. Since I retired, I have gained 50 pounds. We travel a lot and for some reason I have just gone crazy for sweets. I've always liked them but never craved them. I'm sure all the travel is partly to blame but my lack of will power is the biggest problem I have.
I have just gotten on fitness pal and I also have Bariatric Pal. I don't know why but they don't seem to work when you don't participate or enter anything. So, I am going to use these so I have something/someone (you guys) to answer to. Wish me luck and pray for me.
I feel so appreciative that I was able to participate in the Arkansas Bariatric Pilot Program yet here I am throwing it away. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?????????????????? Obviously I'm not a strong person. I did great until I retired. I have got to make a chart and follow it. Make plans for my days, whether I am home or not. It seems if I am not obligated to something I just do what I want to do.
I appreciate you listening and thank you ahead for the prayers and support.Can't wait to hear from you and good or bad, I will let you know where I am every day - which may not be true if we are traveling - but, it I can get to my computer, I will let you know how I am doing. Good or bad.
Talk to you soon!


  • marise51
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    Chin up. You went to extreme measured to lose this weight, and we at MFP know you are very committed too. My motivation is my jeans hanging in the closet and how I want more than anything to put them on with a belt. It's been a long time. If you can plan ahead every morning as to what you will eat, I find that helps. Good luck and call on us at any time, we all want success. Have a wonderful day.
  • fiddletime
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    Count your calories and log every bite. Weigh your food and don't guesstimate portion size/ calories. Get some friends on your feed who are active. Welcome!
  • mars55991
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    I just restarted after not journaling for 4 months and gained about 30 pounds back after losing closed to 60. I found that good or bad I need to record everything I eat. Have been back on track for one week and feel better already! Good Luck!
  • preciousEMT
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    you've fallen off the wagon, but you can totally get back on! go back to what you learned after/during the surgery prep. LOG EVERYTHING! that helps SO VERY much! there is nothing wrong with you. you retired and changed your daily habits. you just have to recreate a structure you can lose with again. you can do this!
  • latineyes2
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    Try volunteering daily. Either at Elementary schools reading to young ones or a nursing home. It sounds like you enjoy a structured routine. So find something to fill your time to help you get active and back on track. Also, you can still watch what you eat while traveling. Make healthier choices and plan for the restaurants you'll be eating at. Buy healthy snacks like carrots etc and get a mini fridge in your room to store items. Don't let travel ruin your health! And don't let weight control you! You control it! Best of success!
  • kbmnurse
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    Stop making excuses. Bariatric surgery=bandaid. I am not a fan.
  • tiggerlove
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    we all fall off the wagon at sometime, but the most important thing is we get up try again until we get it right. I had complete knee surgery 4 months ago and it hard staying on track but no matter what I log in and I have some great suppoters backing me up. When you do travel try your best to pick from the healthy stuff and you have to try HARD to leave the sweet stuff in awhile not all the time. Keep ur head up and keep keeping on.
  • 100df
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    If you have a smart phone, MFP has an app. Makes it easier to track when away from home.

    The good news is that you are taking control before you gained it all back. You lost 153 lbs so you know you can do it. Thats a great accomplishment.

    MFP is great. I really like counting calories. Let's you see exactly what is going on. I hope you like it as much as I do.
  • ElizabethOakes2
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    1: Nothing is wrong with you! You retired, your lifestyle changed, and with it, you gained back some weight. It happens, and it happens to nearly everyone at some point. We all have stress, life changes, things that throw us off track. Doesn't mean anything is wrong with you at all. :)

    2: You can do this! Track your calories, set your fitness goals, and you'll see changes for the better. Be kind to yourself and trust that you can do this, and you will.
  • tweetsmom
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    You've taken the first step . . . recognizing it, and you did it BEFORE gaining 153 lbs. back, so applaud yourself for that! I've fallen off the wagon many times (been knocked down by it, run over by it, and dragged behind it for several months. . . ! LOL) but eventually I manage to catch back up to it and jump back on! What I've learned is that you have to log what you eat, good or bad. And it's a learning experience. Some days you will be over and some you will be under, but you'll never know where you are unless you log it! Travelling definitely adds challenges, but none that can't be overcome. If you know where you're going, map out where you'll stop for meals, look at the nutrition info online, and decide what you're getting before you get there! Sadly, most restaurant food is laden with fat, salt, and calories so it's important to educate yourself on best choices in advance. Consider packing a cooler with some healthy snacks and wraps to reduce your frequency of stopping at restaurants. Lastly, get your travel partner on board with your plan so he/she can support you while you're travelling! Best of luck to you!