How do you reward yourself for meeting your goals?


I was wondering how everybody rewards themselves for meeting short term and long term goals?

I am currently 234 lbs and am thinking of making short term 10lbs goals, a onederland goal, a 50lbs goal, and at goal weight. But I don't know how I should reward myself.

Got any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!


  • snickerscharlie
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    I look at myself in the mirror and smile. That's reward enough! Oh, and going clothes shopping in my own closet is lots of fun. :)
  • thiosulfate
    thiosulfate Posts: 262 Member
    Clothes. I love clothes.
  • BerylX
    BerylX Posts: 109 Member
    I give myself rewards for every 5 lb loss. A big reward on the 10's and a little thing on the 5's. I have a half way reward, since it is sucvh a long journey and a one-derland reward. Just non-food stuff. I also reward my self for every fitness activity I complete in money to save up for at the end to go on a thrift shop spree.
  • arditarose
    arditarose Posts: 15,575 Member
    Eh, I don't reward for goals. I work very hard and when I'm starting to feel beat up I treat myself-clothes, mani/pedi, massage, haircut and color, dinner, concert..
  • Alatariel75
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    arditarose wrote: »
    Eh, I don't reward for goals. I work very hard and when I'm starting to feel beat up I treat myself-clothes, mani/pedi, massage, haircut and color, dinner, concert..

    I'm the same. I do get new clothes and some beauty treatments, but that's less about an actual reward for hitting a goal and more about feeling better about myself, taking a little more pride in myself and being as risk of my pants falling down.
  • BerylX
    BerylX Posts: 109 Member
    I also have a calendar and a weekly chart that I place fun stickers on. categories are water, sleep, nutrition and fitness. I put a sticker under each one so I know how I'm doing each day at a glance. If I dont get 8 hrs sleep, no sticker that day. I have a fitness poster on my wall with the calendar and chart with a bunch of pictures ripped out from fitness magazines, and a list of upcoming races to look forward to.
  • srecupid
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    I'm getting close to my original goal of getting under 200lbs. When I reach it I have a imperial stout i'm gonna drink and probably skip counting on that day. With any luck it will fall on the same day as my next dentist appointment which means i will have the day off.
  • AnnPT77
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    To me, the goal is a reward in itself. It makes me feel good when I meet one: Accomplished, strong, happy. And for bonus points, when several mini-goals accumulate, I get rewards like my knees hurting less, or my cholesterol level being better, or springing up the stairs instead of lumbering up, or finally being able to just reach behind & pick up my raised foot to do that quadriceps stretch, because my thigh fat is no longer in the way.

    But if extrinsic rewards are needed, I like the ideas above. Another possibility is some piece of fitness gear you've been wanting (fitness tracker, exercise bands, kettlebell, foam roller, yoga mat - that sort of thing), or a kitchen gadget that helps you make healthier meals (veggie spiralizer, nice smoothie blender, etc.). Or music to play while you're working out and cooking, if you like music.
  • kaseysospacey
    kaseysospacey Posts: 496 Member
    My mom gave me a $200 lane bryant card for christmas. so when i hit 250 im going to go to the lb outlet and get some new clothes.
  • kami3006
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    I usually don't reward for goals. I just set new ones.
  • SisterSueGetsFit
    SisterSueGetsFit Posts: 1,201 Member
    Little things; massage or facial. Still waiting for one though. I have it planned for every 10 pounds. With that being said, when I reach my goal weight I'm going to have my boobs done (reduction).
  • tweetsmom
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    At 5lbs, a mani/pedi. At 10 lbs, I'm buying myself new workout clothes. At 20 lbs, new pants for work ('cause I will NEED them!). At 30 lbs, the PiYo workout DVD's and at goal weight, fun new clothes!
  • phyllis731
    phyllis731 Posts: 58 Member
    I keep track of my workouts in a desk calendar. In the last couple months I write what reward I want to give myself for a certain number of workouts. One month it was running shoes, one was a manicure, this month is workout clothes.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    Most of the ideas I've used in the past are the same as others have shared...especially fitness related items (bicycle helmet, nice jump rope, athletic clothing and shoes). Clothing items in general. Self pampering stuff.

    My most memorable was when I hit 199 lb (up to then, I'd been over 200 lb for about 22 years). I bought myself a bunch of new cosmetics including several higher-end items (I am normally more of a drugstore brand gal). I also bought a large lucite organizer to keep them in and reorganize my vanity. I bought the stuff about 2-3 months before hitting 199 and kept it all packaged until I got there, then used it and really enjoyed my "reward". That was 2 years ago now...and it still gives me a little boost to see that organizer on my counter...even though I actually have a completely different one now and my husband is using that one for his shaving gear.
  • ObsidianMist
    ObsidianMist Posts: 519 Member
    honestly, just knowing that I'm on the right path to getting back to where I want to be is all the reward I mean. didn't even occur to me to reward myself beyond that. maybe a hot bath with a bath bomb or something. lol
  • ElizabethOakes2
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    When I hit a big goal, I get something new to wear that fits, but if I work out every day for six days, I get a 'rest' day, which usually involves curling up in bed with my book or computer, or maybe even binge watching a tv-show. I love the idea of a manicure/pedicure pamper day for big goals, too!
  • Josh_lol
    Josh_lol Posts: 317 Member
    I don't.
  • kaysday
    kaysday Posts: 256 Member
    Me and my husband go lingerie shopping every 10 pounds lost. Keeps me motivated and keeps him involved with my journey.
  • chrisnawoo
    chrisnawoo Posts: 27 Member
    After my weekly weigh in, if I lose weight I take a break from my workout out for 1 or 2 days a week but still tracking or I treat myself an ice cream cone, Starbucks light mocha frap, or boba milk tea
  • brookej8688
    brookej8688 Posts: 93 Member
    clothes, and vacations, and shoes..

    For every 10 lbs I buy a new shirt or pants, or shorts
    for every 20 lbs i buy a new pair or workout shoes
    for every 50lbs I will go on a mini vacation