I know you need to move more, though it takes more than "stop connecting your tush to the chair".

Please and thanks !


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    Over 5000 steps per day I believe is the cut off.
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    Yes, I've seen 5000 too.
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    Set a reminder on your phone to get up once an hour, even if you just walk to the bathroom and back.

    If you work, don't eat lunch at your desk if you can avoid it (not saying eat out, but just get up and move around at lunch time). Or go ahead and eat at your desk, but try to run an errand or walk in the parking lot during your break.

    Park at the far end of the parking lot. Take the stairs. Walk ALL the aisles at Target, the grocery store, etc. (unless that ends with you doing too much impulse shopping!! :lol:).

    If you have time and the weather is nice enough, take a stroll first thing in the morning or after dinner, even if it's just around the block.

    Instead of setting up coffee/lunch/dinner dates with friends or family, try to do something where you're moving. Go to the mall, visit a museum, etc.

    I agree, I believe 5,000 steps is technically the cut-off. I try REALLY hard to hit my 10,000 every day, but I work a desk job, and I'm in accounting so January/early February is SUPER busy. There are days where I get to work at 7:30am, don't get to leave for lunch or hardly take my eyes off my screen at all, and don't leave until 7pm or's freezing outside, it's dark early, all that stuff. On the worst days, I'm lucky to get to 4,000 steps. But, if you make just little changes, it can EASILY add up.
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    Sedentary: Wake up, sit in car, sit at desk, sit for lunch, sit in car, sit at home, go to sleep.

    Lightly active: Walk for 10 mins

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    Also, if you come home from work and watch tv, get some resistance bands, a hula hoop, jumprope, or one of those little stair-stepper or ab-roller things and get moving while you watch tv, instead of just curling up on the couch. Five, ten, fifteen minutes into an hour long show can make a huge difference.
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    Nage3000 wrote: »
    Sedentary: Wake up, sit in car, sit at desk, sit for lunch, sit in car, sit at home, go to sleep.

    Lightly active: Walk for 10 mins


    Walking 10 minutes does not add up to 5000 steps.
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    We were taught on my course that sedentary was sitting job with no exercise and lightly active was sedentary job but do active exercise for at least a hour a day.
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    In another thread some time ago, @tomatoey describes it like this ...

    Sedentary: Spend most of the day sitting (e.g. bank teller, desk job)

    Lightly Active: Spend a good part of the day on your feet (e.g. teacher, salesman)

    Active: Spend a good part of the day doing some physical activity (e.g. waitress, mailman)

    Very Active: Spend most of the day doing heavy physical activity (e.g. bike messenger, carpenter)

    My company's ergonomic assessor had an interesting comment when she set up my desk area. She asked me if I exercised, and for how long each day. I told her that I exercised every day for about 1 hour each day. :)

    "That's good", she told me, "but you're still sitting (or lying down in bed at night) for 23 hours a day. We call that sedentary."

    Oh. And here I thought I should be at least "Lightly Active".

    Then she went on to encourage me to get up and move once an hour, in addition to my hour a day of exercise. I'm still classified as sedentary, but at least I'm moving more than I was.

    My husband, on the other hand, varies between "Active" and "Very Active" in his job and then I try to get him to come walking and cycling with me on the evenings and weekends. No wonder he had no trouble at all losing weight.