Bmi and how you choose your goal weight!



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    When I started I was at a BMI of 35. I wanted to get from the obese category to the overweight category. And after that goal was completed, I strived for the healthy range. Now that I am considered "healthy" in terms of weight, I don't have a number goal. "Healthy" was around 160 lbs, and I am now at 144-145. Just trying to lose until I look and feel good enough to start my first ever bulk.
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    I chose my first goal weight because it was 2 kg lower than the very top end of my BMI range, and because I had been that weight in 2011 and felt pretty good.

    I reached that.

    I chose my second goal weight because it was 2 kg higher than the very bottom end of my BMI range, and because I had been that weight in 2002 and loved it.

    I'm getting really close.
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    oolou wrote: »
    I chose according to BMI and what sounded good in my head. But as I've always been overweight or obese as an adult, I don't really know what will be right until I'm nearer my target. If I feel good with how I look at a higher than anticipated weight, great. If I get to the goal weight and want to lose more, then so be it. I think it's better to not stick to a number rigidly, but reevaluate when close to goal.

    I agree. I also think that I want to be at a weight that's easy to maintain. So maybe my BMI will be 26 instead of 24, but I'll get to eat more! Then hopefully I'll be able to maintain long term
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    To be honest, I initially chose a goal that I figured wasn't possible. I was 202 and aimed for 145. On hitting that, I decided to try for a range I was comfortable at in my 20s. That range is 117-127. I'm about 3-4 pounds from the top of that range and in a healthy BMI. I'll continue to work on my weight until it feels right which will probably be around 122.
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    I'm 5'5" and my healthy BMI range is between 111-150. I have been down to 130 and I know I want to lose another 5 pounds off of that. I originally set my goal weight to 120-135 because I had NO idea what I would look like, I had never been under 150 at an adult hight. Now that I am in a healthy BMI and seeing what different weights are like I can pick a final number :)
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    I'm 5'4, my BMI range is 107 - 140 and I weigh 125 right now. According to some other things I've found, my having a small frame means I should weigh 114 - 127 so that's really the range I'm shooting for.
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    Middle of healthy BMI range, but I don't think I'm ever going to get there, lol.
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    I chose 135 lbs. Like many other here I picked my number because it is right in the middle of the healthy range according to the BMI chart. I'm definitely not married to that number, I just don't really know at this point where I will be happy.
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    I chose a weight at which I was healthy and energetic as an adult. It is not a "healthy BMI" under the new regulations, but it is under the old ones. Moreover, I personally don't feel the BMI is accurate for me.. in addition t to being tall, I have significant scoliosis and my doctor says I should be a full 4-5 inches taller than I am. So my target weight is "healthy" for the height I'd be if my spine wasn't a corkscrew shape.
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    Mine is partially based on BMI and partially on a previous weight. I have been up and down it weight throughout my life but I eventually developed an eating disorder. In my desperation to be skinny, I remember my body struggling for ages to get under 120lbs. I did eventually and I looked awful, that is definitely not what I want now!

    I'm 5'4" so I'm aiming at 124lbs. It's within a healthy BMI and around what my body felt like it wanted to be all those years ago (4 is also my favourite number, which is why it's not 125lbs haha). =)
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    I kind of chose my original goal weight (55 kg) based on BMI but also from my observation of people I know who are about the same height as me (166 cm). Once I reached that I found myself being able to go further (jeans size went from 8 to 6 to 4), and thus I no longer use BMI but my fitness level and my own visual satisfaction (how I look in certain clothes) as the guide to my goal.
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    My initial goal is the midway point of BMI, but my more precise goal is more about BF %. I want to get around 15% on that. Once I get to midway BMI, I will reassess at that point and start doing some bulk/drop cycles.
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    Before I started losing weight I was thinking I would go down to around 125 lbs. I'm 5' 2.5" & was 39 at the time. I picked it because that's around what I was when I got married. After I started losing weight, I decided I was happy at 150 lbs. That is still in the overweight bmi range for my height. It is still my goal (I regained last year, so I'm back to losing). This time I'm going to get back there & focus on my waist measurement. If it is under 31.5", I'll stay there. If it's not, I will probably continue to lose until it is.
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    BMI says I should be 120, but I've always felt my best between 125 and 130. Right now, though, I started with a goal halfway to that- 150 (I started at 178), because I knew if I said, "I want to be 125!" I was going to get discouraged really fast.

    Pick a goal that seems comfortable and do-able for you, and if you get there, and want to lose more, you know how to do it. :)
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    @Sukisumi I love that, picking a favorite number :smile: It's as legitimate as anything else, our "goal" weights (most of us) are completely arbitrary.
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    I feel like a lot of us worry too much about picking the right goal weight right at the start. You can always change your mind, up or down, based on how you feel and how your body's behaving.

    I set my initial MFP goal about 5 pounds above a weight that felt good when I was 35 years younger (thinking a little more weight might be a Good Thing when old). But I always thought of it as a provisional goal.

    Sure enough, when I got close to that goal, I knew that it needed adjusting. I'm nearly done losing, with an "I'll know goal weight when I feel it" plan, but I'm almost certainly within 5 pounds. And I'm currently about 7 pounds below my initial provisional goal. (SW 183, initial GW 130, CW 123, ultimate GW nonspecific but very close. I'm 5'5", and 60 y/o.)
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    I picked a number that was at the top of a healthy bmi range for my height. It was also exactly 75 lbs to lose, which felt like a nice number. :) Once I got it, I maintained for a while and then decided to lose a few more because I'm still carrying more fat than I'm comfortable with around my stomach and thighs. I'm not in a hurry though at this point. I'm generally happy with myself and feel a million times better and healthier.
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    jemhh wrote: »
    I chose my initial goal according to BMI. Specifically, my initial goal was the top number of the healthy range, per BMI, for my height.

    My goal now is based on how many pounds I think it will take me losing in order to be rid of specific fatty areas.

    Yup me too ...I chose highest BMI then I got there, liked how my body looked switched to maintenance, kept losing so kept increasing calories finally settled 5lbs below my max BMI weight so have a BMI of 24 now.

    That said whilst my BMI remains the same, my body continues to change slightly cos of progressive training

    I'm good with that

    Goals are adaptable...start somewhere...check in photos and mirrors and clothes as you get nearer and decide what your own personal body ideal is...when you're there or thereabouts stop, whatever the number on the scale says, you can always start again if your mind changes
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    tomteboda wrote: »
    @Sukisumi I love that, picking a favorite number :smile: It's as legitimate as anything else, our "goal" weights (most of us) are completely arbitrary.

    Exactly, so I may as well like the number I'm aiming for! Haha =)

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    It's a mixture. My ultimate goal weight will put me in the middle of the ideal weight range for my height. It is also five kilograms lighter than my lightest as an adult, and I thought I was still fat then. (Oh, if only I could go back in time and tell my younger self...!) I will re-evaluate when I get to 70kg, that lightest weight, and see if I could still stand to lose a few more, or if that is fine.