need support

I'm amom with two teen boys and looking to use my free time during school to get my body back in shape. I also need the exercise to keep my calcium stores in my body to prevent osteoporosis. My goal is to help others keep going while they help me


  • 46carmen
    46carmen Posts: 110 Member
    Hello, Feel free to add me so we can motivate each other!
  • Naezer
    Naezer Posts: 14 Member
    Thanks. Same to you. I'm just trying to figure out
  • You can add me! :)
  • methridg2
    methridg2 Posts: 12 Member
    I am looking for folks to add that will like, comment and encourage.. As I would do the same. 27 pounds down... 34 to go!!
  • 3vilSox
    3vilSox Posts: 13 Member
    Anyone's more than welcome to send me a request, I need more buddies to keep this fun :)
  • AlexanderWaddell
    AlexanderWaddell Posts: 17 Member
    wish you all luck! add me if you want, the more support the merrier!
  • Rfilley
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    Feel free to add me! This is all about doing the best that we all can do, but motivation helps!