Looking for 30 min workout at home

hi everyone

does any one have recommendations for a high intensity fun workout that is 30 minutes long? ive been looking but can mostly only find hours long work outs. i also dont really like the fitness blender work outs. it would be especially cool if anyone knew of 30 minute workouts that had to do with dance! i love dancing.


  • xLyric
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    I don't remember how long the 30 Day Shred videos were, but I thought they were fun enough to stick to and I think they were 30 minutes, but no dance.
  • stronger_today
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    Hi! My favorite dance workout is Cize or rockin body by Shaun t. They definitely are fun and do not feel like workouts. Let me know if you want more information, but that is my recommendation. Good luck!
  • AestheticStar
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    Well if you don't like Fitness Blender, have you seen Jessica Smith's workouts on YouTube? She also has DVDs, some of her workouts are around 30 minutes or over/under that time. She has some good ones on there that I've done. Millionaire Hoy has A LOT of 30 minute ones, but a lot of his are HIIT workouts, but they aren't too bad, plus he shows modifications if you can't do what he does.
  • SnowballsMom805
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    Thanks Every one!
  • sxymom99
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    I did T25 and loved it! And now I'm doing 10 minute solutions dvds and doing 3 segments. Each 10 minute segment works a different part of the body. They are only around $10 for the dvd on amazon, and I LOVE all of them! There are dance, yoga, pilates, kick boxing, butt lift, you name it, there is a 10 minute solutions dvd for it. ;-) I have 5 kids, my youngest is 6 months, and since having her, I have lost almost 30 lbs doing these! :-) Good luck!
  • MarmiteToes
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    A lot of Jillian Michaels' workouts on YouTube are 25-30 minutes. Usually 25 minutes of actual working out and five minutes of her blabbing. I love 30 Day Shred when I only have time for a quick workout at home. I alternate between level 1 and level 2 depending on how energetic I'm feeling.
  • GsKiki
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    Try Fitnessblender 5 day wokrout challenge for busy people. You can find it on Youtube, it's completely free.
    All videos all half an hour long, and you can really get a nice workout out of it. You can also adjust the difficulty to your self.
    I like it because it's very packed, and you don't have time to get bored. They also include a nice stretching and cool down in the end.
  • lkokot
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    I would recommend P90X3; they all are 30 min and worked great for me. You can also try the original P90X and just do half of it.
  • MamaFunky
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    Insanity Max30 is a good program. All of the exercises are 30 minutes and you can really workup a sweat quick. For days you have a little bit more time there are also some 15 minute ab routines. HTH!
  • elghee123
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    Ripped in 30 by Jillian M. is my all tim favorite
  • dougrcollins
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    I highly recommend P90X3 its only 30 mins. It will get the job done and take your fitness level to new heights. You will see results following the achedule. I am now doing my 2nd round of 90 daya. Love it!
  • dragon_girl26
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    +1 for the Jillian Michaels videos. I'm not the biggest fan of her personality, but her workouts are awesome. I have a couple of her videos, and just got the Body Shred set not too long ago. Fairly intense, great stuff!
  • MomMaggie
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    I love Jillian Michaels!
  • elaineamj
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    Tone It Up has a fun vibe. Their pre-workout "trailer" is a always a hoot.
  • WalkingAlong
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    Since you like dance... Do you have a Wii? A lot of people like the game Just Dance.

    I imagine anything Zumba (Wii or videos) would be fun.

    If you want to be free of the tv or pc, the phone app 7-Minute Workout is fun. Or you can print it out online if you don't have a smart phone. Pair it with a 20 minute hiit cardio session and a warm-up/cool down to hit 30 minutes.
    It's not dance, though.
  • BrianSharpe
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    How about....




    lots of others along the same line on youtube
  • suzanne63
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    I love Jillian Michaels too.She has awesome about 30 minute routines.Ripped in 30 is also my favorite.
  • htimpaired
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    Kelly Coffey Meyer has a DVD series called "30 Minutes to Fitness". Each DVD comes with 2 30 min workouts and premixes. She has everything-kickboxing, bootcamp, weights, step, you name it. You can find them on Amazon. I love them, they're the only DVDs I do now when I choose to workout at home instead of the gym.
  • FitGirl0123
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