Jillian Michaels Anyone?

I know not every workout is for everyone but if you're just starting out, and need a good low impact routine, I suggest Jillian Michaels Beginners Shred. It has a lot of squats and core work, but if you have a little more junk in the trunk like me the low impact is a good start for getting back into the exercise groove.


  • Janer75
    Janer75 Posts: 13 Member
    I'm doing the 60 day shred and the warm up practically killed me ! Lol its getting easier but I also haven't worked out for a couple years . I find my extra layers get in the way of moving sometimes ☺
  • ChloeJane0823
    ChloeJane0823 Posts: 12 Member
    My extra layers are definitely interfering. Haha. I feel like I'm dying after every workout but I know that's a good thing. I'm doing the 30 day Challenge to start out. I'll prob move on to the 60 day shred after this. It's been so long for me I needed that three 10 day mind set. Helps me not quit to see accomplishments in short time frames.
  • elghee123
    elghee123 Posts: 491 Member
    Love Jillian's exercises. I started with 30 but I didn't know that there is 60. I love Ripped in 30 though
  • hcolligan
    hcolligan Posts: 75 Member
    I love Jillian's DVDs too. I started with 30 day shred then moved to shred it with weights now doing no more trouble zones. Nearly killed me when I started it but its getting easier. Lost 60 lbs so far so they're definitely working!!
  • ChloeJane0823
    ChloeJane0823 Posts: 12 Member
    Oh my gosh I'm so happy to hear someones success from it. Just starting out its easy to get overwhelmed, but I do love her workouts.
  • ArneshaFrazer
    ArneshaFrazer Posts: 1 Member
    i just started the 30day shred yesterday and my entire body is aching!!! hope this gets easier
  • ChloeJane0823
    ChloeJane0823 Posts: 12 Member
    I'm only on day 8, but I am not as sore as those first few days. They were pretty merciless so I understand.