Does anyone take pills or a dietary supplement with counting calories, if so what helps/really works? Are they worth it?


  • HutchA12
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    No. Unless your Dr. Says you have a deficiency there is no reason. I'm assuming you are talking strictly faster weightloss.
  • benzieboxx
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    Are you referring to things that will help you lose weight or supplements as in protein powders? If you mean weightloss pills, no I don't take anything like that and there is no magic pill that will help aid in weightloss that will be sustainable. Most of those products, even the ones from doctors, just suppress your appetite and I mean yeah you'll definitely lose weight by not eating as much (because of the suppressed appetite), but I would much rather learn while I'm losing weight with MFP. Counting and tracking helps you learn about portion control and calorie amounts. Things that will help shape you for sustainable weight loss.
    Mainly those "weight loss" products are just a good way for your wallet to lose some weight.
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    Pill do not work. If they did, everyone would be skinny.
    You stay thick, and your wallet gets thin.
    Only thing I do is drink green tea. I'm not sure why it helps. Maybe more water daily.
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    Thank you everyone!
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    Supplements can help you with whatever fitness goals you may have. But they don't do anything by themselves. Think of them as aids that give you a small edge. I personally take multi-vitamins, fish oils, whey protein, and fibre. I take these because I know that I don't get as much as I should in my regular diet. Supplements are really something that everyone needs to try to see if it works for them. Something that works for one person might not work for another. Most of them are trash though so make sure to do your research and ask your doctor if it is something okay for you to take.
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    Well I do take supplements not for weight loss but I do believe some can help for many in different ways. Taking in a protein shake helps to get in protein and this helps to keep lean muscle while lowering body fat. This for many can curb appetite too. I workout a long period of time so controversial as it is I do use a preworkout. This helps with focus, energy level and more. I take BCAA which are amino acid chain that body can't produce by itself and although it is in some foods highest I think in diary I take during workout and as a recovery drink. The BCAAs are also in many protein shakes. It helps with muscle recovery and soreness. It has made a huge difference. I was on fence on this for a long time but tried for a few weeks and was impressed. I also take multi vitamin and Vitamin D (required by MD).
    As for pills to actually loose weight NO and NO If you talk to a doctor many have caused heart problems and most will help you loose water weight nothing more and why take a risk when just loosing water weight can happen by exercise, drinking enough water and watching salt intake. Eating clean and going slow are to many boring but they are safe and will change lifestyle which means it will last.