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Polar Wearlink Bluetooth Transmitter - how to use with Android phone


I know this topic has probably been on here before but I couldn't find it. I just got a new LG Tribute 2 phone and also just got a new Wearlink Transmitter with Bluetooth. I bought the Polar device to sync with a used F6 Polar watch but found out later that it doesn't recognize polar training computers. I downloaded the Polar app on my phone but it won't detect the Polar Wearlink HR monitor. Is it supposed to? I also have a Fitbit Zip and use Runkeeper. I want something that will track my heart rate (that's the reason for the Polar) but I am wearing three devices at once because none of them do all the things I need (time, speed, elevation, heart rate, distance, gps). Runkeeper doesn't work inside my house but it's the only thing I've been able to detect the heart rate monitor on and it seems to be inaccurate. For a 30 minute workout (kettle bell) it showed a 69 calorie burn. Any suggestions? I would love to know how to better track my workouts indoors (Runkeeper doesn't do that) and get the most out of the Polar Wearlink. Thanks for any help. I very much appreciate it.


  • dewd2
    dewd2 Posts: 2,445 Member
    Is it really the Wearlink or is it the H7? The newer H7 uses a newer bluetooth protocol that is not compatible with some smartphones. If it pairs correctly it will show up in the bluetooth menu of your phone (you do have bluetooth turned on, right?).

    Assuming the HR and phone are compatible, you should be able to pair them (I believe you can do that in the app). I am not familiar with the Polar app but I know Runkeeper and Endomondo both work well with the Polar straps (I have both and have used both with my Android phones).
    BTW - The HRM isn't really useful for kettle ball workouts. It works best for steady state cardio like running or biking
  • traci9028
    traci9028 Posts: 104 Member
    Hi. Thanks for your reply. It is the Wearlink. I do have the Bluetooth turned on and it detects my device but my apps aren't detecting the Wearlink when I try to pair them. I use Runkeeper and I see that it detects my heart rate when I have it turned on (doing a workout) but indoors, nothing works on my Runkeeper except counting down the time. It will show my heart rate but I was hoping it would determine much more.

    Thanks for the info. about the Kettle bell workout. My concern is wearing it for running.