Newly married weight gain!!!

So I have decided that I need to get a handle back on my weight. I was in a relationship for 4 years, and went through a hard breakup. But, I lost weight big time from 190 down to 125. I know it's called the divorce diet. Well, after so long I met my mate. We have been married for 3 months and all I can say is the weight came right back. I hate the feeling of stuffing myself into my clothes!!! I have no excuse for it other than I got lazy with my eating and stopped working out. I'm 5'8 and weight 196lbs. I have lupus, and this really hurts. It's time to get serious about my life, so I can live life to the fullest until I meet my maker! It's time for "I can"


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    This happens to so many people i know including myself. In the 4 months after i got married i went from 112 lbs - 135 lbs. I never stopped exercising, i actually continued to run up to 20 km per day, but i completely let my diet get out of control (for ex. eating a bag of chocolate granola after dinner, or a carton of ice cream.... each having like 14 servings in them). I finally took stock of what was happening and cleaned up my diet and switched up my workouts, shorter, higher intensity, more strength. I lost the weight and improved my physique over 4 months and i've kept it that way since.
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    I imagine its common to those that strict diet for the wedding. Your body kind of gets a shock once your goal of 1200 cal goes to +2000 cal . Also to mention long term relationships are prone to eating out more.
    Not saying this is your case but at your 125lb your divorce diet had about the same outcome.

    Good luck with your goals and congratulations!
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    Thanks! You know I think it's about what and when I eat. Funny I quit drinking sodas on the 1st of January and no weight change.
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    I can so relate!! I got married April 2014 and within the first 15 months gained 30lbs. 165 to 194ish.... Got really serious a week ago!! Doing Atkins phase 1, elliptical daily for 30min and am down 6lbs first week. I know this is water weight, but a great motivation tool to keep going. I have struggled my whole life with weight and was at my lowest when I met my husband and married for the first time at age 45. Needless to say in happy carefree love for the first time and got lazy.... My husband has struggled to support me in my goal, but I finally realized it is up to me, that I have to do it for me and not any other reason! I decided I am worth the effort!!

    Good Luck in your goals and thank your for creating this topic.....

    Have a great day!!
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    I had a similar experience after I got married, gradually putting on 15 lbs over the first year and a half... not only is my husband a great cook, he needs to eat 3500-4000 calories a day to maintain because of a very active job. It's really easy to gradually eat more and more when the person sitting across from you is having seconds and huge portions!
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    Thanks! You know I think it's about what and when I eat. Funny I quit drinking sodas on the 1st of January and no weight change.
    It is simply about how MUCH you eat.
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    Was pretty active today!! Didn't do so hot with the amount of sodium I consumed. My husband has really been great on listening to me, and how I feel. So we are grilling some chicken and eating salad.
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    Hi there, going to send you a frind request.

    I have had a similar problem, though I've waited way too long to try and get the weight off. I'm about the same size you are & was diagnosed with sjogrens less than a year ago. I have always been super athletic but my body has really been falling apart thr last three years! So I've lost the ability to play my favorite sports, dealing with depression from the AI diagnosis & just eating way too much!

    I decided I want to lose 30 pounds. I am trying to eat a modified anti inflammatory diet as well as going gluten free (ended up in the hospital with diverticulitis a few months ago & that has me taking a serious look at my diet!!). I have less stomach pain since removing most gluten (I still cheat a little & usually pay for it!). I am working on modifying my diet and then plan on getting back to lifting and cardio, as well as implanting yoga (hoping it won't cause any muscle tears as everything else seems to!).

    Moral of my rambling (I guess, lol!) is you definitely aren't alone!! Add me if you want another person to encourage you along your journey to health!! :)
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    Would love to!!!
  • MissyMurphy12
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    I find that the one thing about this app, is that how it just breaks everything down for you!!! I really see how that the foods that I am choosing are truly hurting me!!! With all the sodium I have had today, I'm really starting to swell.
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    I was gaining weight and looking after my husband all the time and I had to start looking after me. He didn't care that I cooked all those meals, for some reason I took it on myself. Seems a little selfish but I had to start taking care of me and he is glad I did.
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    Feel free to add me.
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    Good morning to all!! It's another day. So as I said I had to much sodium yesterday, because my hands are really swollen. To combat that I'm going to drink plenty of water today!
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    Feel free to add me :) I lost 51 pounds by the time I got married which I was VERY happy with (181 lb --> 130 lb). However I lost really aggressively and put on about 14 pounds in 6 months since getting married. For me I don't think it was so much the "married life" as that I went so aggressive up until that day and my body rebounded a bit. Fortunately I was still in my healthy BMI, but I have been working on losing the weight a bit more slowly so that I can my UGW of 120-125 :)
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    So much better day!!! It really helps knowing that I'm not alone!!! Would love to hear from more, and just your eating plans are like!
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    I added you...having the same prob with the fiancé...
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    Time to start a new day!!! Good luck to all, I know we can all do it. Baby steps
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    I experienced a similar weight gain when I got married. I'm with you on the pain level too - I just got diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees. Feel free to add me and we can work on losing our post-wedding weight together! We Murphy's should stick together ;)
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    Yes we can!!!! Motivation, encouragement are key
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    Hope everyone had a blessed day. Monday's are always crazy for me.