Need a Pep Rally. Help me get on the scale

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After about 4 months of not weighing myself... in an effort to gain control of my emotions by not living and dying by the scale... It's backfired and My. Pants. Don't. Fit. Anymore.

I'm about 5 weeks in to a heavy weight training plan and I'm definitely getting stronger, so I don't want weight gains to scare me into stopping the building. But I've steadily been getting bigger too.

It's time to cut though because I just don't want to have to buy new clothes.

I know it's helpful to know your numbers, so to speak, when beginning any cutting program.

Can you all give me some encouragement to get on that scale??

I've been not counting calories for about 6 months so I think my metabolism is not "tired" or anything.

I need a game plan. Can I get some ladies to share their meal plans? I am open to most foods but am digestively intolerant to Dairy and Grains... so there's that.



  • joinn68
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    Scale avoidance is the first sign for me that something is wrong. You seem to know what you are doing already so just step on it
  • AnnPT77
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    How about a little jolt from Shakespeare: "there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so". Or, if that's too modern, Epictetus: "People are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of them."

    It's just a number, not a value judgement. It's just data - data that will help you accomplish your personal goals. Get on the scale. Not knowing the number doesn't make the number any different. Only behaving differently makes the number different, and you control your behavior.

    Set up your MFP profile for a reasonable weight loss, say 0.5 pounds/week, log what you eat, don't freak out if you eat over goal occasionally, just log it and go on with life. Stick to your goal most of the time.

    Use the numbers - scale, food & exercise numbers - to achieve what you want. Don't let them abuse you. They're just numbers. You're in charge.
  • mfmetsker
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    Love the Shakespeare!
  • jwilson507
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    I relate to the scale thing. Even though it's just a number it controls so many emotions. I once had my husband look at it for me and write it down. Then when I was ready I looked at it. It could've been weeks. I don't remember but I remember I had lost. Maybe measure or take a photo. It's really about progress. You can do it!
  • mfmetsker
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    So I got all ready to get on the scale this morning... Clothes off, bladder empty....

    - low battery-

    So it's still a mystery lol.

    Devine intervention??? Possibly :)
  • WendyLaubach
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    Well, you got a reprieve, but you took the important step. Now go put some batteries in it and use that valuable information! You know, it's not the number that's useful, it's the change in the number over time. All you really need to get out of it is "upslope or downslope?" That tells you how to adjust what you do every day.
  • ashgirl
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    I know the feeling. There have been times when I didn't go on a scale for nearly a year, and then I started noticing that my jeans were fitting tighter than they should. You just have to do it. Step on, take a deep breath, look down. The best thing I started doing was going on the scale every morning. If I don't, even if it's just for a few days, I get that same dreading feeling in my stomach. You can do it! You need a number so you can see your achievements!