126 lbs lost, 74 lbs to go



  • joinn68
    joinn68 Posts: 480 Member
    edited January 2016
    Sorry to compare you to a celebrity but in the picture in white you remind me of Jessica Alba :smile:
    Thanks for sharing your story. I can't begin to image the patience and skills you've learnt to cope in order to drop 126 lbs!
    Let us know when you reach Onederland (should be quite soon! :smiley: )
  • sarasmile144
    sarasmile144 Posts: 108 Member
    Overwhelmed to wake up to such positive and encouraging responses, thank you everyone!
  • mpeters1965
    mpeters1965 Posts: 370 Member
    There are so many good things in your story - not just your weight loss success but all the other successes too! It was beautifully written right from the heart. Congratulations on it all.
  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    Wow. What excellent words lass. Very well done on all counts.
  • hannahmayr30
    hannahmayr30 Posts: 93 Member
    What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story! Congratulations on your success!
  • mom2my4boys
    mom2my4boys Posts: 148 Member
    Your story really resonated with me. Good job on changing your life!!! I've gone from 300lbs to 180lbs. I also always identified as the big girl. I'm glad to hear that i'm not the only one struggling with buying new clothing. My current wardrobe is too tight or a little too loose. It's frustrating! I was wearing lots of dresses, as they seem to fit the best, but i'm Canadian and it's winter now. Brrrr! Good luck with the rest of the weight :)
  • cmsu64113
    cmsu64113 Posts: 474 Member
    Great job!!!!
  • slees21
    slees21 Posts: 44 Member
    Awesome, awesome, awesome! You are truly beautiful, but more importantly, I can tell from your words you are beautiful on the inside too. You never know why God let's us go through things that are tough, I think sometimes it's so you can help others and have the experience to do so because you lived through it too. Best of luck in your continued success!
  • nvmomketo
    nvmomketo Posts: 12,019 Member
    You look wonderful. Congratulations. Your work has really paid off. :)
  • jatdh1753
    jatdh1753 Posts: 43 Member

    When I changed my lifestyle habits, I couldn't eat my feelings anymore. That was hard. It was really hard. I felt things that I couldn't even quite identify at first- they had been smothered for so long in cheese cake and pizza and endless buffets of Chinese food. It hurt. I had to learn new coping skills to deal with my emotions. I had to learn skills I should have learned growing up, but I hadn't, for one reason or another.

    THIS. All of this. I am working on this right now and it is so very hard.

    Inspirational post - really. Kudos to you on an amazing last year.
  • DaisyBlinks
    DaisyBlinks Posts: 18 Member
    Congratulations on your loss! Your story is very inspiration. you should be extremely proud of how far you've come. Heck, I'm proud of you and I don't even know you! Well done.
  • Montepulciano
    Montepulciano Posts: 845 Member
    Congrats...amazing job. Very inspiring!
  • patesq
    patesq Posts: 111 Member
    Wow, you look great! You've already achieved an impressive result and it sounds like you will have no problem reaching your goal. So impressive.
  • klkarlen
    klkarlen Posts: 4,366 Member
    Congratulations! You have done a fantastic job!
  • ajkish4460
    ajkish4460 Posts: 6 Member
    Congratulations! You look fantastic and have done a great job!
  • susiejof
    susiejof Posts: 201 Member
    Yay you! Your efforts and hard work have really made a difference in your appearance. Thanks for writing such an inspirational post!
  • ThatLadyFromMN
    ThatLadyFromMN Posts: 301 Member
    Nice story! :) I agree, it starts in the head before it starts physically. We're about the same age and same weight right now. I've lost a bunch too but been struggling lately. I come back to read the stories too. :) Keep it up! I've got about the same amount I'd like to lose as well, we've got this!
  • suruda
    suruda Posts: 1,233 Member
    Thank you so much for sharing your post! You are an inspiration! Keep up the hard work!
  • lynder64
    lynder64 Posts: 285 Member
    Congratulations!!! Inspiring!!!!
  • lank77
    lank77 Posts: 3 Member
    I really enjoyed reading your story and I wish you all the best on your healthy lifestyle journey. You look great!
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