To log or not to log?

I got a Fitbit for Christmas, and I love it! I've already linked my Fitbit to MFP. I found out you can log your food in the Fitbit app, and I already log my foods in MFP. Should I log my food in my Fitbit too, or is just logging my food in MFP enough? Does logging food in Fitbit affect my calorie adjustment in MFP?


  • janejellyroll
    janejellyroll Posts: 25,878 Member
    Most people just choose one or the other. I don't think there would be any benefit to logging foods twice. I haven't logged foods on Fitbit, but I have heard people say that the MFP database is better than the Fitbit one.
  • Itreadlightly
    Itreadlightly Posts: 96 Member
    I synced my fir it and it brought over what I had logged in MFP
  • sllm1
    sllm1 Posts: 2,129 Member
    I just log in MFP.