What is your most favorite food in the world...



  • tnm7760
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    My favorite dishes are Japanese curry and Katsu Don. I'm not Japanese, I just happen to really love a lot of Japanese food. :D

    I also love Thai, Mexican and real, thin crust margherita pizza. Lately I've been in a real fish taco phase.

    I'm not a huge dessert lover. I usually eat my calories in savory foods. But anything really dark chocolate and really dense. No chocolate cake, but like a Godiva chocolate cheesecake will do it for me. Or a really good sugar cookie with REAL buttercream frosting.
  • JShailen
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    Probably fajitas. Homemade with fresh coriander, lime juice, salsa, peppers, onions, guacamole...mmmmm

    and then any kind of chocolate.

    The food I eat everyday and never get tired of is eggs though. Scrambled with whatever veggies.
  • BoomstickChik
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    Nachos, gooey, gross nachos.
  • tomw86
    tomw86 Posts: 71 Member
    Cheese, enough said.
  • MommyL2015
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    Broccoli, no lie.

    My middle son loves broccoli. When he was a lot younger, somewhere between 2nd and 4th grade, I remember we had gone grocery shopping and then went and got Chinese for supper. I remember, I had taken a Hershey bar out I had bought from the grocery store and a container of steamed broccoli from the Chinese and asked him which one he wanted more, and he picked the broccoli. He's 19 now and still isn't a big candy eater but will always love broccoli! It's not my favorite food, but it is my favorite vegetable.

    My favorite food is a hot, gooey fudge lava cake with vanilla ice cream.
  • bellabonbons
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    Yum. Hot gooey lava cake. :)
  • heidio2
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  • bellabonbons
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    tomw86 wrote: »
    Cheese, enough said.

  • bellabonbons
    bellabonbons Posts: 705 Member
    Love cheese. Making homemade mozzarella is easy. There is another cheese, gourmet from England, a mild white cheddar with berries snd apples, available at Safeway imported cheese case. Impossible to eat just a little.
  • srecupid
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    I could never chose but, if i had too italian_beef.jpg
  • Cedarwren
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    Bisquick baked chicken. Mmmmmm!
  • MondayJune22nd2015
    MondayJune22nd2015 Posts: 876 Member
    Bread pudding without raisins!
  • bellabonbons
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    Bread pudding ? I forgot!! My grandmother made the best bread pudding!!! Could eat it for breakfast.
  • Maxematics
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    srecupid wrote: »
    I could never chose but, if i had too italian_beef.jpg

    ...okay, I'm drooling.
  • Francl27
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    If I had to pick just one, probably this.


    Don't think I could ever get sick of it (it's a French 'king cake').
  • suziecue20
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    Every food that has already been posted.

    This is obviously not the thread for 'clean' eating lol
  • Fried jumbo shrimp, well any kind of shrimp.
  • singingflutelady
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    Rotisserie chicken
    Lemon meringue pie
    Black forest cake
    My mom's carrot cake with cream cheese icing
  • singingflutelady
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    Smoked cheddar
    Cheese in general
  • fiveminutes
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    Mac and cheese and grilled cheese! I want to try that cauliflower mac and cheese recipe on my diet is better than yours. That looked pretty good!