38-year-old woman with plantar fasciitis seeking to lose 25 -30 lbs.

Hi all! I'm "new" to MFP in that I have used the site, but never contributed to the forums before. Now's the time. I need a community of support to not fall back into bad habits like opting for the couch instead of the gym and hitting up the falafel truck instead of making a salad.

I suffer from plantar fasciitis, which is an extremely painful condition that causes debilitating heel pain. I have high arches and scoliosis that contribute to the issue, but it's the excess weight I can actually do something about. Problem is that even walking is out of bounds while the condition heals. I have to find a way to lose weight while only doing low impact exercise like rowing or the recumbent bicycle. (No pool at my NYC gym.)

Anyone else suffer from plantar fasciitis? How do you deal?

Seeking friends and support on my journey!


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    I have similar problems. The plantar fasciitis is brutal, but I love to run so it's on again off again with that. I try to stick with free weights s much as possible. Mix it up with heavy bag (kick boxing) and rower. Recumbent bikes on my opinion are useless and don't work as well on terms of cardio
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    Unsure how to request or add you (or anyone!) as a friend but if you wish to please feel free. Been on here this last week and basically wasted the week and now kicking myself! Will endeavour to do better this week.

    I am always wanting to lose the excess weight but never actually doing it. 2016 WILL be the year! Alas the loss required now is at it's highest as really need 30 pounds to get to my ideal weight :( Generally I always wanted to lose about 14pounds but was comfortable enough with how I looked so wasn't such a big deal. Add on this extra 16 and it' is a very big problem! I've had tendon surgery on my ankle twice in last 2 years which even yet not completely resolved and now find my other ankle is even more painful and problematic than the operated one ever was! Like yourself simply walking is painful with every step I take I am aware of. Ouch!

    My ' exercise' is drastically curtailed although my appetite and food intake remain the same hence my weight loss is much higher!

    Good luck with your forthcoming weigh loss also!

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    Same here. Been on here a week and wasted it. I've got health problems and need to lose 20 pounds. Need some friends to motivate me.
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    Hi! I feel your pain! Losing weight is definitely helping me. I went from being an active guy to basically a disabled person after suffering for ages! Feel free to add me!
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    Hiya! I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and it is pure agony some days, and some days I have pain free. It's so weird! for about 3 months it was awful but it has got alot better recently! Feel free to add me! xxxx
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    I have had a sore ankle for awhile now. I believe it is Plantar Fasciitis, but I need to go see my doctor to find out for sure. I hope it isn't but i will see. So far I have been just treating it with shoe inserts and an ankle brace. I do hope it goes away since I am usually fairly active doing karate and lots of walking.

    Sent a friend request as well.
  • From a weight loss point of view, exercise doesn't make or break it. It`s really what you eat, so you should be able to accomplish weight loss, even without exercise. I know exercise makes you feel better etc, but if it`s too painful, just focus on the diet for now, and add exercise when you can. Maybe invest in a stationary bike Should be able to get one used pretty cheaply. p.s. plantar fasciitis SUCKS!
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    plantar fasciitis I have had it for months, been seeing a physio and now i am geting a part made to go into my shoe.
    I also go the gym and i buy New york socks and London socks so they help me when i am working out at the gym x
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    Anybody can add me to, i would love more friends with this condition.
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    I know that to lose weight, I need to focus more on the calories right now. But I have always been active, and have been doing karate lately, so I would like to keep that up.
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    I used to suffer really badly from it,not so much lately.Stretching the calf muscle really helped me.I found if I tried to curl the top of my foot back towards my shin the stretch gave instant pain relief,I did that whenever I needed to.The other thing I did was to make my own insoles up.I built the middle up with layers of paper and duct tape so that the arch of my foot was supported more thus taking the pressure off of my heel.
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    Hi! I have plantar fasciitis on both feet, although my right is worse than my left. The pain is constant. Im also a nurse, which doesnt really help as im on my feet 3-5 12.5hr shifts a week. I hate cardio as well, but I have over 100lbs to lose. What i've been doing was go to the gym 1-4 times a week (depending on days off and motivation), do an hour of weights and an hour of a class I like, usually zumba/dance fitness/body pump. Pilates for really bad days as that's not so bad on the feet. I find that while im working out, the pain actually disappears. Dunno if it's endorphins or im just too busy to think about it haha! Comes back afterwards but then i've already done my workout to it doesnt matter lol!

    Pain's mostly worse when i just get up after sitting or lying down, or if i stand for long periods of time, so i try to keep moving as much as i can.