Slow and steady wins the race

ashayoc Posts: 23 Member
I'm 27 with two kids I had my second child October 2013 my highest pregnancy weight recorded was 223lbs and I was had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies my second child was 3 weeks early born with RDS. Having said all that each time I gave birth all the weight would drop off then after a few months i put it back on. November 2014 I went to see a surgeon about a tummy tuck consultantation after being fed up! My weight sky rocketed to 198 she told me flat out I still needed to lose weight and I might as well try work out and save the money (crazy huh) needless to say I took her advice I hired a trainer January 2015 and dropped 18 pounds in 2 and a half months and stayed there only gaining about 2-5 pounds. I decided to try again this new year officially starting Jan 15 2016 at 180lbs I'm now down 8 pounds doing serious hit cardio and walking and counting calories I feel like this app saved my life hoping to see more results I still have along way to go but I thought I'd share.


  • shaq2013
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    Hi - I am ~5'6" and 180lbs. I started workout around Jan 15th too with a few zumba and yoga classes per week. I haven't lost any weight as I am not counting calories seriously (or serious workout) yet but *fingers crossed*...
  • Healthy_4_Life2
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    You can do it!! Slow and steady wins the race. Set a moderate calorie deficit and include physical activities you enjoy doing. But may be slow, but you'll get there. Consistency is the key. 71+ pounds later here.....I can definitely attest that being consistent will help you reach your goal!! ☺
  • ashayoc
    ashayoc Posts: 23 Member
    Thanks Sooo much !!
  • ashayoc
    ashayoc Posts: 23 Member
    I appreciate the support yes you guys can do it we all can do it sometimes it's about just seeing the bigger picture. I want to love my body not hate it not get dressed and that ruins my day or hating to try on clothes while I'm shopping because the dressing room mirror is to damn honest lol! It's a struggle I hope we all can overcome!!
  • tristramtrent
    tristramtrent Posts: 257 Member
    I love that you found an honest surgeon. She looked at you and saw a young healthy person who was very capable of looking after herself as you proved. Thanks for your story I found it encouraging! We can do this...
  • Jonesie1984
    Jonesie1984 Posts: 612 Member
    that's awesome! We can do it!
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