Trying so hard to stay motivated! Grrrrrrr

I'm a housewife and a mother of two. Yes I know I have time to exercise and eat right but somedays are harder than others to make healthy choices. I'm not worried about losing weight just getting lean. Anyone have any tips?


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    Always remember that no matter how small the good choices are or the exercise its still better than doing nothing at all! Every little bit helps !:-)
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    It's not about motivation it's about discipline ;) I seen this posted awhile back and it has changed everything for me. Whenever you don't want to workout out or eat right change things up for yourself. Make it new again. Even if this happens every day. New food ideas, new workout regimes, set small challenges for yourself. Even if you can not finish them. Try them. Everyday that you make a better choice than the day before is a good day ;)
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    For me, motivation has meant easy win. I know many others who thrive on intense challenges. This time around, I focused on easy wins every single day. Sticking within my MFP calorie goal, using the net weekly calories so that if I eat more one day, I can either workout more or eat less another day. Last week I had a ton of overeating - birthday cake at work that clocked in at 770 cals, 4 meals out that were nearly 1000 cals each, etc etc. I stayed within my weekly net cals by exercising more and cutting back on other meals. (I admit I was pretty nervous at various points and thought I'd end the week being over by a fair bit).

    As for exercise, depends on what you want. On one of my youtube workout vids, the trainer ended the workout saying that that particular workout was not meant to be overly exhausting, we shouldn't be feeling like collapsing, it should leave us energized and wanting to do more. Some workouts are meant to be insane and push and challenge you. There is a lot of good in that. At this point in my life, I need the easy wins more so I am choosing "easier" workouts that break a sweat but don't push me too hard. This way, I almost look forward to doing my workout every night. I certainly don't dread it.

    I'm going to have to ramp it up soon as I have some events to train for in the spring. But for now, this feels good and I feel empowered instead of like a failure.

    All depends on YOU though. Some of my friends would not do well on my method. They constantly want to be pushed past the breaking point. I'm OK with that once in a while - but would hate that to be my every day. That said, a few years ago I did an intense workout class with friends a couple of times a week. I hated going, but loved how I felt afterwards. So challenges are good too :)

    In addition, I detest seeing my total goal in red on MFP. If I see that, I WILL get off my butt and add an extra workout or create a plan to eat less or something.
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    Make it easier to make healthy choices. First, decide what you deem healthy - no food is off limits, but everything can't fit your plan if you plan to eat it every day. Don't buy lots of foods that are difficult to fit into your eating plan. Oh, and plan your meals.
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