SwedishSarah Posts: 4,350 Member
Do you wear cologne or perfume? If so, what do you wear?


  • finny11122
    finny11122 Posts: 8,436 Member
    Million by paco rabanne at the moment
  • Tomm88
    Tomm88 Posts: 733 Member
    I use Edwin Jagger beard oil, sandelwood scent, hav'nt worn aftershave in like half a year
  • _John_
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    edited February 2016
    I despise when fragrance smells get one nanogram into the "too much" zone. If I can taste you from across the room you are repulsive to me.

    I try to be clean enough to be smelless when I'm respecting others personal space.
  • singkongchips
    singkongchips Posts: 1 Member
    gucci pour homme ii
  • GreenGoddess22
    GreenGoddess22 Posts: 3,824 Member
    Versace or Jasmine essential oil.
  • Wonderwomanvik
    Wonderwomanvik Posts: 2,932 Member
    I don't wear any. I am hypersensitive to smells. I can't handle most colognes and prefer a mans natural scent to fake colognes. Perfumes mask our pheromones.
  • Hornsby
    Hornsby Posts: 10,324 Member
    A variety. Polo Red, Prada, Jimmy Choo Man, D&G Water something. Can't remember the name.
  • sw33tp3a15
    sw33tp3a15 Posts: 1,674 Member
    I wear Viva La Juicy mostly. But I also use Victoria Secret Heavenly.
  • Lone_wolf46
    Lone_wolf46 Posts: 2,711 Member
    My natural pheromones
  • navyjen
    navyjen Posts: 1,043 Member
    I love Calvin Klein Euphoria or Donna Karen Cashmere Mist. I don't wear them often but those are my favorites.
  • heidio2
    heidio2 Posts: 110 Member
    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue or Givenchy Very Irresistible depending on my mood
  • Andrewcpimpin
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  • koffeekakes
    koffeekakes Posts: 65 Member
    Armani Si`... it's yummy
  • BrianRepreza
    BrianRepreza Posts: 12 Member
    Aqua de Geo
  • LindsayB072
    LindsayB072 Posts: 399 Member
    I wear some cheap stuff from Victoria's Secret so I smell like a 14 year old walking around the mall with a frappuchino.

    For men, I like Aqua Di Gio. Swoon.
  • billbraskey
    billbraskey Posts: 99 Member
    I just stick with my aftershave which is jack daniels and puppy tears
  • LindsayB072
    LindsayB072 Posts: 399 Member
    I just stick with my aftershave which is jack daniels and puppy tears

    I'm glad we're friends.
  • tosullivan
    tosullivan Posts: 245 Member
    Hollister SoCal