Stopping birth control



  • eviegreen
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    I didn't notice any difference when I stopped....And when I got my IUD. I don't think it typically affects your weight so long as you keep your diet consistent.

    Wrong it does effect your weight on some contraceptives even doctors tell you it's not about food it's about retaining water & that's what some do to you.

    The hormones in a hormonal IUD are very minimal and don't cause increased hunger as, say, the pill might. And any water retention is only in the first few weeks as your body becomes accustomed to the device.
  • faberallison
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    I got off bc because my husband got a vasectomy. It messed with my hormones, but nothing weight related that I can tell. I actually miss my birth control and wish I hadn't gotten my IUD out. Periods suck.
  • GlamourVintage
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    I got off of the birth control implant about 2 month ago. I feel better. My appetite decrease and I lost 10 pounds. However, except periods. The first period was VERY painful. One of the worst cramps I felt, ever (for now).