Your (guilty) food addictions



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    No guilty pleasures for me. Just pleasures. I make sure to make food choices in such a way that I leave room for the things I enjoy most. That's not to say I eat a bag of Oreos every week but if I'm wanting Oreos, I just stick to lower calorie options throughout the day so that I have enough calories left at the end of the day to have some before bed.
    I'll do the same thing with pizza or whatever other high calorie food I like. No need to cut everything out. Just adjust to make room for treats while understanding that moderation means not eating all the treats all the time, but still allowing some treats. It's a matter of deciding "what treat do I want to have today?" and "how do I need to eat today to allow for that?"

    That said, I enjoy the way I eat. If I don't like it, I don't eat it. Also, very few days go by that I don't enjoy something delicious that most people would say is a "guilty pleasure" even though there's no guilt for me because I make it fit.

    ^^what he said.
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    Guys, there is a reason why I put guilty in brackets. Maybe I should've left the word out completely and just asked what your favourite food is that you consider a treat. Of course I know one doesn't have to feel guilty about eating something.
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    Guys, there is a reason why I put guilty in brackets. Maybe I should've left the word out completely and just asked what your favourite food is that you consider a treat. Of course I know one doesn't have to feel guilty about eating something.

    In that context: Everything.
    I like a lot of foods and I like them a lot.
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    Dry Raisin Bran Crunch is my weakness.
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    Guilt = moral judgment.

    Moral judgment is deeply unhelpful when attached to eating. Abandon that line of thinking.

    Meh, I sometimes feel guilty if I overeat. I think a little guilt is healthy for me. If I felt good about it I'd probably do it much too often.

    Hey, knock yourself out.

    Personally using guilt as a mechanism to deal with over eating doesn't strike me as a particularly rational way of dealing with it when there are other methods which can motivate behaviour without a negative association but if it works then more power to you.
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    Alcohol, mostly weekends. I say to myself no but then I give in once I see everyone else drinking;( I've cut back a lot and even cold turkey, lost 50lbs:) still at that lose, working out everyday so I'm still at a lose but catching myself having a drink here and there! That and when NY kids want cookies I eat 1-2:( if it wasn't in my house I wouldn't be so tempted.
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    I don't miss anything, because I include all my favourite foods if it fits into my daily calorie allowance. Currently, I cannot resist red velvet cake! And,depending on the day, if I really want it and I'm running out of calories, i will fit in an extra workout just to eat a slice. I guess it depends on how much you want the cookie. If you really want to eat it, then drop and give me 20.. Lol
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    I don't feel guilty, but I do get annoyed with myself for overdoing it and having to deal with the consequences.

    There are a couple of foods that if I'm in a certain mood I'll overeat without even thinking twice. If I'm not, I can stop at one or two no problem.

    Cookies - the less satisfying the more I'll eat. With Oreos or similar, I'm through half the bag before I'm done.
    Cake - only made from scratch and not too sweet.
    Ice cream - I'm safest with ice cream. I just can't eat more than a couple of servings at the most before calling it quits.
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    Ice cream
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    My worst that I let myself indulge in is chocolate milk! I have a cup a day after my workout and it's nearly 200 calories. When I wake up in the morning I write it into MFP so I don't overeat because I WILL have my chocolate milk haha.

    But the stuff I have cut out for the most part; Ben and Jerry, Oreos, Homemade apple crisp (sniff sniff :'() and sugary drinks from cafes.
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    Um CAKE. I look at photos of cake on Pinterest a lot. We still have it maybe once a month but I really miss cake. I'm currently working on that issue. ; )
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    Sausages. And hash browns. With ketchup. Argh working breakfast shift in restaurant nearly everyday is hard!!
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    Vanilla bean ice cream with a shot of good espresso poured over. Seriously the best thing ever, I fit it in my calories often and there is no guilt, just deliciousness.

    I have a hard time not scarfing down a whole bag of chips if I have them, they are the only food I try to restrict. I don't need them, don't really want them, but if they are there I can't help it. I don't even really like them and I feel gross after, physically and mentally. Everything else I am ok with, but I have an unhealthy relationship with chips, so I find it better to just not have them.