Workout playlist

What songs are a must have?


  • HollandOats
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    (For cardio) I loooove Animal by Neon Trees; Electric Feel by MGMT; Hey Ya, Outkast; Bros, Wolf Alice; Stolen Dance, Milky Chance; The Kill, 30 Seconds to Mars; I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor, Arctic Monkeys...

    There are actually a lot of great uptempo alt rock songs for bustin your booty... I also have a lot of Hall and Oates, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan... whatever has a good steady beat, I can dig.
  • Snow3y
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    It seriously depends on your genre of preference.
  • cmwolfe112
    cmwolfe112 Posts: 4 Member

    This is my Spotify playlist I use. A lot of alternative rock/pop punk music but I have some popular hits in there too!
  • tracefan
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    I'm a country music lover.. HOWEVER.. I cannot run to Country music.. so for me.. it's back to Studio 54 and Freestyle dance music. so funny. Hey it gets me moving.
  • VictoryGarden
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    edited February 2016
    The old "Jock Rock" cd's from the 90's. But I associate that with team warmups for basketball and volleyball, so that may be why. :)

    And Sweet Home Alabama. Must always start with that!
  • Sldghmmr21
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    I say try the Rock My Run app. Guaranteed to find something you love.
  • shinycrazy
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    If you have amazon prime, their music app for is nice. It has a Playlist feature and you can pick from genres or by purpose such as working out or focus/studying.