In need of motivated friends. 40yrs+ 50lbs+ to lose

Hey everyone!! I'm in need of some motivation. A diet buddy. Or a group of Diet Buddys. I have a hard time going it alone. I'm a happily married gal, with a need to lose at least 50 lbs, give or take the like to blog a little. I fell off the healthy wagon at, just kidding....I have been battling this my whole life. But, I love Zumba, Walking, and I'm and old Hippie at heart. So, do you need a good laugh, or some reason to try today? Let's be diet Buddy's!!


  • sharmrp
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    Hiya, exactly the same - we could be twins! Happy to be a bud.... :smiley:
  • kesslemg
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    Same story here! Turned 40 in December and need to get my act together. I can always use some support, positive words and a good laugh.
  • Tama072015
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    I am 43. I am a Type 1 diabetic and I work very hard (in order to live a healthy life), but have struggled all my life. It is a constant battle.I hate the diet word. There is no diet in long term and for life. It is change of lifestyle. I track everything I do. If I forget, I pay. I love zumba, T25,Insanity, long walks with the dogs and really anything that does not involve a former gym. I have absolutely no idea how to find forums or anything else in MFP. So once I click out of this I will probably never find it again. I am also a FB failure. Haa. Feel free to send me a friend request here. I will be happy to team up.
  • I'm so happy that I'm not alone!! I some times feel like I'm the only 1 out here fighting the fat to fit fight.
  • msegalrubin
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    Happy to be of some support. I find it hard to go it alone as well.
  • AmyOwl73
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    Hi! This is me to a T... 42 and need to lose about 60 pounds .
  • squeeksbloss
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    I am looking to lose that plus more. I am a little younger but a single mom looking to make some good friends and strong support
  • jenlaw71
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    Hi all! 44 here........weight issues pretty much my whole life............currently at 214 - need to get to about 150 per my doctor..........having a hysterectomy March 30 - so I'll end up gaining back some of what I am working to get off right now :(

    Please friend me and help me get this weight off!!!!!!!!
  • RavenLibra
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    Set yourself up for success and don't think of "this" as a diet... It is a lifestyle change for the better... the focus isn't short term until you lose X amount of lbs... the focus is from here to eternity... where you are accountable to yourself for the food choices you make... and to the activity level you achieve...exercise of ALL types will ultimately determine your success... because simply reducing calories is going to chew up as much muscle as it is fat... which will leave you feeling weak and lethargic... strive for balanced meals... light snacks... plenty of water... and LOTS of challenging activities... after all what good is a thinner you if you can't get out and live the adventure of YOUR lifetime...

    I personally haven't lost more than 8 lbs since I began on this "change" BUT I tell you what... I went from thinking I was going to die of a Heart attack after 10 minutes on an elliptical... to covering 30 floors in under 10 minutes on a stairmaster as a warm up to my 30-45 minute cardio session on an elliptical... and most folks that know me... say I look real good... and ask if I have lost weight... ALL this since I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic 18 months ago... losing weight is great... gaining a healthy active lifestyle is better... feel free to add me if you like... I try to be an active booster for all my MFP Peeps...
  • absinthia70
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    Hi all! 45 mom of 3 here, looking to lose 50-60 lbs. (we'll see how I feel and look with 50, then another 10 if I feel like I need it!). Would love to make new friends with the same goals, please feel free to add me!
  • bianca616
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    I am a 40 year old married mother of two (a teenager and a toddler) and I have been on MFP for over a month. It has helped me go from 219 to 203 and it has shown me how important it is to stay connected with others who are going through the same thing you are. I think it's a game changer. I still have 40+ pounds to lose but I feel motivated and determined to finally take back control of my weight. Lets do it together!