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Pregnacy...anyone know how to figure out calories per day

Hi im 9 weeks dr.says i should only gai. 20.5 pounds max ...can anyone reccomeded cal intake, or how to balance soi dont gainto much


  • mommyrunning
    mommyrunning Posts: 495 Member
    edited February 2016
    Recommendations range any where from 250-500 calories a day more than maintenance starting at the low end and increasing a little each trimester. I did the best during my 3rd pregnancy by walking 20-30 minutes a day and logging all my food. I gained 20 some lbs in that pregnancy. You could set your profile to gain 1/2 lb a week which would give you an extra 250 a day.
  • MarvelGrrl
    MarvelGrrl Posts: 622 Member
    General google search results mostly say an additional 300 cals a day BUT you would be better asking your doctor who knows more about your body specifically, stats, and is a health professional.
  • mommyrunning
    mommyrunning Posts: 495 Member
    Your profile doesn't state your current stats. I would never advise going against a doctor however I would recommend getting a second opinion on weight issues if you have concerns. The way weight issues are treated in pregnancy really varies from one doctor to another and sometimes the worry of not gaining too much can cause more stress than necessary.

    PS congrats on baby
  • JustMissTracy
    JustMissTracy Posts: 6,338 Member
    I wouldn't even worry about it unless it becomes a problem. Otherwise, you may be creating a problem where there isn't one to begin with. I say eat all you want, unless it's a stupid amount, but you're a grown woman, you know what's normal and what's not. I gained 78 lbs my first pregnancy...CRAZY!!!!....but only gained 20 lbs the second pregnancy three years later. Just take care of you, and that baby...and worry about weight if and when it seems to be a problem. In other words, love your baby enough not to worry about calories for awhile xo
  • tlflag1620
    tlflag1620 Posts: 1,358 Member
    Generally it is suggested to eat at maintenance in the first trimester, then add 200-250 cal per day in the second trimester, then 300-400 (above maintenance) in the third (since that's when baby does most of his/her growing). Just general guidelines, so you'll need to tailor it to suit your needs. You could set MFP up for maintenance for now, then add a generic cardio exercise (and eat those calories back!!) as you progress. Just keep in mind that if you retain a lot of water you may find it hard to stay within the 20 lb limit you doc recommends. Talk to your doc about what he/she suggests for you calorie intake at different points in the pregnancy. Congrats btw!
  • AshRynne
    AshRynne Posts: 1 Member
    Thank you everyone!!!
  • amiaow
    amiaow Posts: 35 Member
    I would be hesitant to track calories at all during a pregnancy. Just eat healthy food, eat as much as you need and your baby & body will grow as nature intended :)
  • JABGoochie
    JABGoochie Posts: 78 Member
    Id say it's more realistic to gain 30 pounds in pregnancy if you were a healthy weight at the start. But I agree just eat what your body tells you. I was sick for 6 months so just ate what I could... Which wasn't healthy! Lol
  • Zephalia
    Zephalia Posts: 79 Member
    I am 17 weeks pregnant and due to morning sickness, was unable to eat much in my first trimester. I ended up not gaining first tri.

    During your first trimester you don't need to eat any additional calories - so stick to your maintenance numbers.

    My goal for second tri is to start putting on a pound a week as that will result in a roughly 25lb gain by the end. So far, I haven't gained anything in the first few weeks but my appetite is back now and I need to eat about 300 extra calories/day to gain 1lb/week. My calories are set to 2200/day and I often come in under that - and some days over depending if I give in to those cravings.

    I don't suggest eating any more than normal until you are roughly 13 weeks - then up your calories by 250-300 calories for a slow and steady gain.

    Best of luck and add me if you want a preggo friend!