Trying to lose 100 lbs

Hi everyone I'm 67 year old male trying to lose 100 pounds, I figure better late than never.
Anyway I started with nutrisystem and have lost 15 pounds so far in about 5 Weeks I cancelled nutrisystem after the 2nd shipment it's just too expensive so I'm on my own and logging everything into mfp and doing just fine staying under 1500 calories a day low carb high protein seems to be the ticket. The next step is to start walking as soon as the weather gets warmer. So that's my story and good luck to everyone!!


  • sheppeyescapee
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    Good luck mate, you can do this B)
  • raymondarne605
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    Thanks I sure hope so I'm finding this site quite interesting
  • besaro
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    you can start walking now! check out Leslie Sansone walk at home videos. congrats on deciding to lose the weight and getting your first 15 off. dont like your age be another excuse!! go you!
  • LushFix
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    I have 100 pounds to lose too feel free to add me.

    25, female, canada