Implanon removal and weight loss



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    ive had my impanon for 1 year and 6 months. I started losing weight in march.Im down 22lbs.I havent had an issue losing yet.
  • Hormones have a strong effect on weight loss. Those who don't know why should pick up a biochemistry text and do some reading. If you need a "case study" I can say that I lost 30 lbs in one year without changing my diet and exercise. I lost six sizes, my period, and frequently visited urgent care for fainting episodes. I also saw an increase in acne and aggression. The culprit-my testosterone had skyrocketed to levels comparable to a male. Hormones are powerful and to think that you can pump them into your body without altering its chemistry, whether effects are desirable or not, is just ignorant.
    I am having my implant removed soon to avoid negative and possibly long lasting side effects of hormonal alteration.
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    I have been on Implanon for a total of 4 years (had it replaced at the 3 year mark). When I initially got my first one inserted, I gained 10kg within a few months. The hormones increased my appetite so I ate more. I have slowly gained a little weight over the past 4 years but I just pass that off as not eating healthily. I have just started my weight loss journey and I'm hoping my Implanon does not effect my ability to lose weight.
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    I've had mine in for 14 months and I've lost 42 pounds in the last 5 months. I did gain 20 pounds in the few months before starting on mfp but I can blame that on lots of chocolate cake and pizza.
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    Hey ladies I just wanted to add my experiences .. I had my baby in August 2012 and implant in oct 2012. My periods were erratic the whole time sometimes lasting 2 weeks and maybe only stopping for a few days before starting again. My sex drive was non existent which trust me was not like me.. But I never realised that this was down to the implant I put it down to having a baby!! I had it removed ( painfully ) 2 weeks ago and apart from 5 days of severe pains in my womb area and sore nipples I feel so much brighter! My sex drive is back and I feel happy and positive all of a sudden. I only came to realise that the implant was probably responsible for a lot of how I'd been feeling when it came out. That said it was a very effective form of contraception but would I get it again ? Definitely not x
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    I have been on Implanon for 2 years and am having it removed in 3 weeks. At first I was perfectly happy with it (after the constant bleeding stopped after the first 2-3 months), but over time I have had crazier mood swings and drastic weight gain. Besides those two negative effects I love it. No periods, and 3 years of protection is perfect.

    I'm not sure how much of the emotion is from me or the hormones but every time I look in the mirror or recent pictures, I just want to ball my eyes out. I weighed 175 before I became pregnant. I gained 30 pounds then and had the implant inserted shortly after having my son. Over the past 2 years, I have gained another 40 pounds despite a change of diet and additional exercise at the gym.

    I am hoping when I have the implant removed that I can have an easier time losing the weight. I miss the old me, the happier and confident me.

    I've been on this Nexplanon for about 6 months now and I swear I've never gained weight in my stomach region in my life, always hips and thighs, and suddenly mine is starting to stick out...I've actually put on weight in the my tummy region. Honestly I don't know what to think, I've had great success on the pill without increased weight gain or hunger. I'll be honest my hunger levels have spiked for no apparent reason, and I'm not one to bash hormonal birth control, lord knows I've used it most of my life. But here we are 6 month into a new type of hormonal birth control and I've gained at least 15 lbs. in areas I usually don't gain weight...I'd say it's safe to say that it's affecting me negatively. Any haters can say what they want about me or my story but I KNOW my body and I AM an advocate for birth control and would NOT try to pin blame where it is NOT due, and yet here I am blaming my implant. I'm thinking of removing it and getting back onto my pill or just getting a diaphragm. I know I can remove the weight but something is going on hormonally I've never had craving for food so often, or felt down for no reason. My life is good I have no reason for depression and I know that's not what it is.
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    hi i would want to know if you girls lost weight when u got the implanon removed?
    I have been on it for 9 months and dont like the fact that i haven't got my period since. I Also gained 30 lbs i was at 120 & now im at 150
    I would really want to know if it helped any of you since im getting it removed on September 24th
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    Hi girls, I got implanon inserted 2 days after my son was born in July 2014. I managed to lose all the weight I gained during pregnancy quite quickly (22kilos in 8 weeks) but I think it was thanks to breastfeeding because I wasn't trying to lose weight.. Anyway, when I stopped breastfeeding when my son was 5 months, I started putting weight on and 6 kilos later I decided that it was time to try and lose the weight. I started on MFP and started insanity workout and after a month I had not lost anything not even 100grams!! I was really upset and decided to get my implanon removed. A week after the removal I had lost 2 kilos! Now one and a half month later I have lost 4 kilos and only have 2 more kilos to go!! Implanon is a *kitten*!
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    My post is definitely not meant to argue with anyone I just want to relay my personal experiences with Nexplanon. I have been on it for 6 months and the first 3 months were great, my periods stopped which is the reason I got on to control heavy bleeding. The last 3 months however has been hell. Over the last year I lost 30 pounds with diet and exercise with a personal trainer. In the last 2 months I have gained 20 of that back. I am going to take responsibility because my eating habits definitely changed because I'm starving all of the time. Also, my face is extremely greasy and breaks out. I am 42 years old and have not had issues with acne. My hair falls out by the handfuls in the shower as others have mentioned. I have depression which I've not had before nexplanon, and just an overall feeling of no motivation at all.

    I am getting my implant removed today, in actually about a half hour. I know my body well and I agree everyone reacts differently, mine definitely did not take well to the implant. I just want to validate others on this site who work their butts off and had the implant put in only to backslide. I would suggest getting it removed if that is the case for you.

    I wish the best of luck to everyone in their weight loss journey!
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    This is for everyone who wants to read a reliable medical source that is accredited information.

    My story began back in February of 2013 when I wanted to be put on a more substantial birth control method that I wouldn't have to remember to take. Throughout the last (almost) 3 years of being on the implanon I was exausted all the time, depressed, angry and unable to loose weight even with help from medical professionals. My whole personality changed. The chemical progestin caused 3 cysts to form of my overies. I took out the implanon 2 months before my removal date to try and deminish the cysts. I've had the implanon out for 2 days and my whole body is sore and I'm very crampy. I would highly suggest reading the informaion on the implanon from the mayo clinic. Good luck and research before you make changes to your body.
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    I am SO GLAD I finally came across this page as I've been reaserching online, to try and see if anyone has been experiencing the same things I have with this implant. And thank God I am not alone!!! I'm getting mine taken out next Tuesday 1/26/16.
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    After reading a lot of the posts here I think I'm going to make an appointment to have my Nexplanon removed. I started with the Implanon in 2011 after the birth of my son. Had the Nexplanon put in July 2014. Since then my weight has only gone up. I was never really heavy (until now) I could eat pretty much what I wanted and though I didn't go to the gym I lived an active lifestyle. Since being on the implant my weight has skyrocket. I'm 40lbs above my pre/post baby weight (lost it all after the birth). The kicker is I'm now 10lbs above the weight I was when I had my son. I'm going to call on Monday and make an appointment to have the implant removed. I can't do this any more.
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    I am so happy that i have found this page as well. I have had the implant done 3 times and i think i am ready for a final removal.
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    I had implanon for 3 years and nexplanon for 2 (took it out last month TTC).
    Four the first 3.5 years my weight was stable without trying to diet or exercise differently.
    In the last year and half I gained nearly 30 pounds. Wasn't the BC, it was me. my lifestyle changed, diet, less exercise, injury, etc. Yeah it had other effects but I don't blame it at all for my weight gain.
    In fact, if I need BC in the future, as of now I would use nexplanon again.
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    I had my implanon removed today after 2 1/2 years and boy let me tell you I am so happy I did. When i first had it inserted i weighed 155 today i weigh 196. I woke up one day almost 200 pounds and felt the worst i have ever felt in my life about my appearance. I have never been one to be skinny but never would i have thought i would have let myself go like this. I dont care what anyone says the implanon was a major cause with my weight gain. i would work out and eat right for 3-4 months and see hardly any change to the point i would just say "forget it" and go right back to my eating ways and not working out as much. I will say being happy in a relationship has had some part to my weight gain as well by eating anything i had a taste for, but there is just no reason i should of gained 40 pounds from the age 21-23. im disgusted and i just hope and pray that i see pounds shed along with a healthy life style im way more motivated now and feel like i do not have anything holding me back now that that im free from birth control. will keep you guys updated on my journy back to being 155 maybe even 145 :smiley:
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    Had my Nexplanon out a few months ago and I don't think there was a change; I've been losing at a steady rate through all of it.
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    I had my Implanon remove a little over a month and lost 11 pounds. Just by staying within my calories with out exercising. But I'm not sure if its related to birth control.
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    Had mine removed in October and lost 7lbs within a week. I had been trying to lose for years and only ever managed a pound or two. Having it removed definitely helped. I've then gone on to lose a further 13lbs. I genuinely don't think that would have been possible with the implant!
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    I have a nexplanon implant and have lost 21lbs in 6 weeks. I know hormones can affect appetite etc. But its a case by case. And most of the weight gain is down to a change in diet, you cannot gain weight if your body has used the calories. It is because the hormones can increase appetite but that still means you are eating more. There are cases where your body will be using the energy in incorrect ways but this is the minority and you would have had side effects such as fainting, light headedness and dizziness. Please don't blame the implant!
    ps. I have a phd in chemistry so am not just talking rubbish :)
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    All of the symptoms listed on the replies are things that I am battling with everyday!!

    Weight gain
    zero sex drive
    mood swings

    I am making an appointment to get mine out asap.

    Thank for sharing your stories.