Girls: Where do you lose the weight first?



  • lilmisskaty89
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    My stomach gets flatter quick as I start cutting down I think it's mainly because I'm not as bloated!
  • ElizabethOakes2
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    My legs and behind went first as far as I could tell, but my husband says it was my neck and cheeks, which I only just started noticing a couple weeks ago.
    Can't wait for this back fat to go away!
  • Asher_Ethan
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    My body is so weird. The first place I lost was my stomach. Then my boobs (RIP boobs) then my arms. Still waiting for the fat to come off my butt and thighs.
  • emmycantbemeeko
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    32, 5'4, started at 148.5, down ~ 6 lbs in six weeks.

    I'm generally an hourglass shape, but my face/arms/breasts are always last to gain, first to lose, followed by my belly. I've already noticed a change in my face, and in fact it was a candid photo of my face that finally made me realize I had put on more weight than I thought, as it is not usually chubby and there was no denying it was looking very round. No hollows to my cheeks, a faint suggestion of double chin- I started tracking my food the following morning.

    My thighs are stubborn and my butt is absolutely immovable. At my lowest-ever weight, when I was several clothing sizes smaller than I am now, my butt/hips were hardly an inch smaller than they are now.

    I don't mind that, though. It's a nice butt, it can stay.
  • kadybug97
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    I noticed it in my stomach for sure! This was after just two weeks of my journey.
  • Maxematics
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    I started on MFP again at the end of June at 139 pounds. I'm 5'3.5" and now I'm 112.5 pounds. For me, I noticed it in the stomach and hips first. Others who saw me clothed noticed it in my face within 10 pounds. I didn't notice the biggest changes until the last few pounds and a resistance training program.

  • owlprincess1234
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    Boobs. 17lbs down, 10lbs water weight, the other 7 boobs for sure.
  • emmas434
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    I've lost 9lbs, I'm 5' 6" aged 20, CW 187, SW 196 :) I started at the beginning of January, I can't know for sure as I only took my measurements at the beginning of Feb, but I feel my boobs have definitely gotten smaller, along with a slight difference to my tummy
  • Sumiblue
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    I lost first in my stomach. It was just flat one day. Mostly, I lose in my upper body first. I'm fairly shredded up top. I've lost inches in lower body, too, but since it's where I carry most of my weight I'm still waiting for my butt and hips to look as slim as my torso. 46 yrs old, 5' 2" 115 lbs (down from 137).
  • lisalsd1
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    Face, arms, stomach, chest, butt, that exact order.
  • CassidyScaglione
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    boobs of course. lolol...
    I notice it in my lower arms and legs, and a bit in my waist too... but not too much budge in my stubborn thighs yet though.
  • KathyApplebaum
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    @meridianfaith I have similar shape so I understand what you're going through! I can't seem to get rid of my butt and thighs... :-(


    I lost in my face and forearms first. Down 90, 20 to go, and it's all my my butt and thighs. Makes buying jeans a hassle (if it fits the butt, there's a huge waist gap), but still way better than when I was up 90. :smiley:
  • blues4miles
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    Lose out of my arms/legs first. I am apple shaped so my torso (back, boobs and tummy last) always hangs on to the weight. I am okay with it once it all evens out but once I first start losing I hate how scrawny my arms and legs look comparatively. Like it just exaggerates my torso.
  • mkakids
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    Thighs for me. Last place is my belly.
  • alphastarz
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    5'10. SW 260. CW 195. GW 145. Age 34.
    While it seemed I "lost first" in my face... I actually was losing everywhere, it was just more noticeable in my face. It took 40 plus pounds before dropping that first pant size, but now the pants I bought for New Years already don't fit and I only went down 8lbs. But the rate of change, as a percentage of my current waist or hip size week over week still relatively linear if look at it graphically for 1-3 month time period. Highly recommend more progress picture comparison and or more tape measurement comparisons to supplement just watching the scale to keep you motivated and truly see how your changing.
  • Orphia
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    All over, but the slowest to budge were boobs (which disappeared in a rush a bit before goal) and lastly stomach (where I'm still hoping the last couple of kilos will come from mostly).
  • wrenak
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    Age 41, 5'0.5". HW 272, SW 261, CW 189, GW 120.

    My face, back, lower arms, and lower legs have lost the most noticeably. My hips/stomach have gone down a bit, as have my boobs, which is evidenced by my smaller clothes, but my upper arms, upper thighs, and hips/stomach are still pretty big. Of course, I have 65-75 still to lose so it remains to be seen how many surgeries I'll be saving up for when I'm done. For sure it'll be lifting the girls to where they belong; don't think I'll be changing their size, but their shape for sure. I'm pretty confident I'll need to have skin removed from my stomach. Will I need to have a thigh lift and wing removal? Not sure yet. :D Time will tell!
  • katieboo93_
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    Hips, tummy and boobs!
  • Veryana
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    Stomach, hips, face, neck in that order :blush:
  • CollieFit
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    vivmom2014 wrote: »
    I can tell you where I lose it last: gut.

    Not here. Belly and waist dropped off me first. 5" off my waist in 5 weeks.