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  • Sexedee10
    Sexedee10 Posts: 62 Member
    Need friends that are actively on here and connect on your posts, status and motivate... Please add me... I unfortunately don't get much support from friends or my husband
  • MarkSBarber
    MarkSBarber Posts: 89 Member
    edited February 2016
    I'm Canadian, sometimes when I'm not in my igloo I'm somewhat funny, I'm very active, but I need some motivation to stay on track with my nutrition, I'd be honored if you add me
  • Surgtek07
    Surgtek07 Posts: 40 Member
    Just hit the 50lb mark and could not be more excited! I'm on here everyday reading posts and encouraging people where I can. I'd love some new friends so add me, too!
  • DM01234
    DM01234 Posts: 317 Member
    I'm active and try to always comment/be supportive. I state in my profile that if there's no interaction in the first couple weeks - I delete you from my list. No interest in being a friend collector myself and will not become one on someone's list who is.

    If anyone would like to add me - feel free.
  • Rockstar_JILL
    Rockstar_JILL Posts: 544 Member
    I am definitely active and would love more active supportive friends!! I recently had a do over after a year of maintaining a bit of a weight gain, and I am back in action!! I am on a mission! I am down almost 14 pounds in 5 weeks and have only had 2 rest days from exercise since January 1st. Feel free to add me if you like!! Please send a message though. :)
  • fit_elliex
    fit_elliex Posts: 32 Member
    Hi all! I would love more friends. I'm funny, supportive and I don't complain too often :smile:

    Feel free to add me everyone, but I definately would like to start by saying that support goes both ways. I will comment, like on every status as long as I recieve the support back.

    have a lovely weekend everyone :smiley:
  • Jeniccm
    Jeniccm Posts: 45 Member
    edited February 2016
    I'm a newbie here - I try to be funny and am often sarcastic, does this count? ;)

    I would consider myself active and have my first half marathon this year. Woot!

    Feel free to add me too!
  • jtringl
    jtringl Posts: 5 Member
    I don't know how to add friends yet but I love to support people and need the support too lol!
  • MayMci
    MayMci Posts: 14 Member
    I'm active but new... please feel free to add me! - Sandsprite :)
  • fit_elliex
    fit_elliex Posts: 32 Member
    Well... I met some lovely people here :smile:

  • shans34
    shans34 Posts: 535 Member
    edited February 2016
    I'm not that funny, I *kitten* and complain occasionally, but I am supportive and determined to make my goals... I also love to meet new people. Want someone real as a friend? You found it in me.
  • msyellowrose077
    msyellowrose077 Posts: 6 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me, have a long journey ahead and need as much motivation as possible
  • Kristie354
    Kristie354 Posts: 85 Member
    Does sarcasm and not being pushed out of your comfort zone by Cards against Humanity count?
  • rdgfreshstart2016
    rdgfreshstart2016 Posts: 75 Member
    Count me in too - such a great source of motivation on this site!
  • JQuinnLife
    JQuinnLife Posts: 102 Member
    Need motivation? Want a community you can have solid discussion on? Add me and join my page as we move forward towards health and fitness!
  • 1972donnamarie
    1972donnamarie Posts: 4 Member
    Hi there ! I'm back on MFP in hopes to lose some weight, eat better and throw some exercise in there too - I was hoping to support others while getting support and encouragement from others too !
  • nikki77wi
    nikki77wi Posts: 7 Member
    Trying to broaden my circle with funny, genuine, people. Is that you? Comment in this chain and let the friend requests roll in and bathe in the support of new people : p

  • nikki77wi
    nikki77wi Posts: 7 Member
    Looking for more friends on here as well..so please add me :)
  • CeeBeeSlim
    CeeBeeSlim Posts: 792 Member
    My face appears in the dictionary (online, too) next to "side-splitting", "witty", "hilarious" and "funny"! I'm in! :D
  • RagTagSampson
    RagTagSampson Posts: 74 Member
    Hope this page has helped everyone expand their group and get some much needed support! Awesome to see the replies, you guys all rock hard!