Looking for supportive Weightloss friends, let's do this!!

Motivated by "The Biggest Loser," I believe I WILL accomplish my goal this time. Recently turned 50 and want to go into future healthy. Let's help each other stay motivated!!


  • MarziDeThrall
    MarziDeThrall Posts: 98 Member
    46 here. Daily logger trying to lose 84 lbs. Add me if you like and good luck to you. :)
  • GiGiQuinn2016
    GiGiQuinn2016 Posts: 9 Member
    Hi! I've just re-dedicated to my fitness & fat loss goals. Have lost 22 pounds.. I have 35 more to go. Just joined the myfitnesspal community. Looking for buds to share the journey with.
  • brentsgurl
    brentsgurl Posts: 40 Member
    Add me too! I need some motivating people to chat with. I've only been doing this 1.5 months and feel defeated already :(
  • Kmac870
    Kmac870 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm new to the MFP community and will be starting Trim Healthy Mama. I would love some friends to chat with, encourage and share accountability with.
  • cedarsidefarm
    cedarsidefarm Posts: 163 Member
    Hi I'm new too. I'm looking at trying to be healthier. I quit smoking and gained 45 pounds. I'm in my mid 50s and knew I had to quit. But the weight. OMG. Everything just tastes so good anymore. Ok, so I knew I had to get my eating under control. I've been on this diet for 3 weeks now.

    I'm on a low carb diet and I have never felt soooooo good in my life. I don't know if it's the quitting smoking or the low carbs. I use to barely have enough energy to take care of the animals. Now I feel like I can run forever.

    If you are always hungry on your diet you may want to consider the low carb approach.
  • magicsd
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    Feel free to add me too :)
  • Vanessalookingood
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    Hi there! I am also looking for friends to help motivate each other. I just started losing weight and I'm down 20 lbs since Jan 1. I log every day feel free to add me!
  • getty123
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    Feel free to add me