Weight Gain During Period? Or Before?

Hello women!

I'm new to the community section of this site. I have a lot of weight to lose and I find one thing that really throws me off is the weight gain/bloating surrounding my cycle and Im wondering how it affects everyone else.

I started working out daily ten days ago and saw a nice 3 pound loss almost right away. Since then I've gotten my period and now, three days into it, I'm five pounds up from that loss. This despite burning 300-400 calories a day exercising (every day!) and keeping a close eye on my calories. I'm soldiering on, trying not to feel defeated, but in truth it is really bothering me. Any advice would be much appreciated on the psychological setback.

Also just curious about when other people seem to gain the weight. Researching online it seems that it's normal to happen in the days before your period, with me it seems to happen during?

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  • nefilim1975
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    I find before and during can affect your weight. I try never to weigh myself at those times. Don't worry about it. It's normal for your weight to fluctuate at any time but especially then. Well done on the 3 lbs though!
  • ManiacalLaugh
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    I gain before and for the first couple of days - then my monthly whoosh happens and I usually lose more than I'd gained (if I've been good on my deficit). Three to five lbs is a pretty standard fluctuation for my TOM.

    You also have the unfortunate timing of beginning your workout routine 10 days ago. A lot of people will see a nice, agreeable loss on that first week and then end up stalling during week 2 and/or 3. This is pretty normal as well, as your body tends to shed a bunch of excess water in the very beginning, and it could be that your TOM is falling along side your natural "Week 2 Stall".

    I'd wait and see how it all adds up after your cycle is over before getting too discouraged. If it makes you feel better, you'll still be losing a little fat this week - hormones, water, and that second week stall might all just be working against the reading on the scale at the moment.
  • RosemaryBronte
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    I found that it helped to take a Vitamin B tablet for 10 days before my period and during it. I also either took calcium tablets or made sure i had some milk or cottage cheese over that same time. The calcium reduces cramps and bloating and the Vitamin B helps too. Also exercise really helps.
  • thunder1982
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    My weight dips lower just before my period as my body naturally has a 'clear out' a day or so beforehand, so I actually put on weight after my period has finished (my period is super short 2-3 days)
  • BarbieAS
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    For me it generally starts the day or so before, peaks on day 1, but takes a good 4-5 days to clear out. I think any pattern (to this particular thing) can be normal as long as it's "normal" for you, and I wouldn't get worked up about any measurements taken during a time when you know you usually are holding some water weight. Look at trends over time, don't get caught up over your weight now vs 3 days ago.
  • charlotteah06
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    I've put on upto 9lbs before/during mine, the first time it happened i had such a freakout!
  • MLS1582
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    I always lose a bunch right before, but then I struggle to drop any weight the week of or the week after. When I first started running and tracking my eating, I expected to see that initial quick drop, but I didn't. I started to really question if my body was defective or if I was doing something wrong. I made sure I tracked everything and stuck with it. It's 7 months later, and I'm down 50 lbs now! The biggest thing I've learned is that no one thing is true for everyone. You won't lose weight the same way anyone else will; your story will be unique. I keep a journal, keep my MFP accurate, and have used both to help me learn what works for me. I know it sucks, but stick with it for 6 weeks and patterns will start to emerge!
    Hang in there! It's SO hard at first, but it does get easier and better, and it is TOTALLY worth it. I still have another 50 lbs to go, but I'm getting there - one choice, one meal, and one workout at a time.
  • hobbeskastiel
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    I have a 9 or 10 lbs float myself. I just pick a time of day and day of the week and keep track of that. I only worry about the actual number on a monthly basis. As long as I go down in weight every month that's all that matters.
  • Dovekat
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    7 -10lbs every month a little before and a day or two into my period then it eases to 3 - 5lbs. Maybe 2 inches on my lower tummy from bloating for half of the duration so in my case 3 or four days of baggy pants. I often dip lower after my period as I'm not a big eater at that time, two days before !G.i.v.e M.e T.h.e F.o.o.d! during it ...meh... lol
  • TaraTall
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    I have a 9 or 10 lbs float myself. I just pick a time of day and day of the week and keep track of that. I only worry about the actual number on a monthly basis. As long as I go down in weight every month that's all that matters.

    Do you weigh in on that week too? I weighed in today and really disappointed myself though I know it's clearly TOM gain.
  • Maxematics
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    I gain three pounds during ovulation for a few days then it goes away. I'm having my TOM right now and on Day 1 I was 113.4 pounds, Day 2 I was 112.5 pounds which is my normal weight, and today I'm 111.6 pounds. It seems to be supporting my theory based on previous months that I get a big weight loss whoosh around my TOM.
  • Bshmerlie
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    I gain around 5 pounds surrounding my period. But about three days after...wooosh it falls off. Don't worry about the fluctuations they are going to happen. Just keep a close eye on how much you're eating.
  • Christine_72
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    I usually gain around 2kgs (4lbs) a few days before, and it disappears 2 days in to my period.
  • cglouie
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    My weight goes up 3-5 lbs the week I'm expecting my period and then goes back down a day or two after it starts. I attribute it to water retention because I don't change my diet or exercise routine.
  • Lo__
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    Thanks for the advice and info everyone! It seems like it really is different for everyone. I'm just going to avoid the scale for now and stay focused on making good choices.
  • BoogeyBrat
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    I can gain somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-5 pounds a few days before I start every month. It doesn't go away until somewhere around the end of my period. This is if I haven't been actively trying to lose weight. I always have craving for salty, carby food the week before I'm due to start. If I don't give in to those cravings and stick with my calorie allotment I won't see an increase, but l'll have a stall in loss until my period is over. Afterwards I'll see a larger than normal loss for that week.

    I'll still weigh myself during that time, because I go off trends from month to month but I don't flip out if the scale creeps up around that time.
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    There's this tendency when starting a "diet" to have impatience.
    First, are you weighing your food?
    You need to get a food scale and weigh your food. After a while, weighing comes naturally and it really helps you know exactly what your calorie/macro intake is.
    Are you logging your food diligently?
    It can take some time to establish this habit, so keep at it.
    Next, you don't need to exercise *every* day, just meet your exercise goals and have a light exercise day, and a rest day.

    Regarding your period, women are usually told that it's normal to have PMS symptoms. It is not normal, it is just common. PMS, weight gain, and other symptoms indicates hormonal imbalance, which may be tolerable to some, or have symptoms that really interfere with life for others.

    I have used the site www.womenshealthnetwork.com as a resource for women's issues, you might like the information there.
  • golfergirl92
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    For me, I gain at least 5 pounds if not more and it doesn't go away until the week after it's over. I don't even bother with weighing in during TOM cause it's just depressing to see the bloat and water retention skyrocket after losing. Like I had just gotten down to 179.6 and then TOM hit and I was at 187.4. No change in eating except for maybe a little bit more chocolate (all logged and within my calories). I did feel significantly better by working out the day before and a little bit on Day 1 and 2. Definitely helped with cramps and made me feel less "puffy". Back down to 182 right after it ended. It takes my body time to drop it back off I guess. It's disheartening to say the least during that week, but if I keep myself together with logging and exercise, usually there's a bigger drop to below starting weight after it's finally over.
  • hobbeskastiel
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    TaraTall wrote: »
    I have a 9 or 10 lbs float myself. I just pick a time of day and day of the week and keep track of that. I only worry about the actual number on a monthly basis. As long as I go down in weight every month that's all that matters.

    Do you weigh in on that week too? I weighed in today and really disappointed myself though I know it's clearly TOM gain.

    I weigh in all the time, but I only keep track of it once a week. The scales right in front of me in the bathroom so it's a bad habit to weigh in often. I only consider Saturday the day I keep track of. If I go up on my period week but only a little I just don't worry about it. The trend is that it evens out after i'm off. If I still go up then it 's an issue.
  • StaciMarie1974
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    I gain/weigh more during and for a short time after. Everyone is unique.

    The secret: compare weight in 30 day increments. So don't compare today to yesterday or last week. Compare today to a month ago. If today you weigh less, you're heading in the right direction.