Looking for ladies like me...40ish & needing to lose about 50lbs

Hi everyone. I started using MFP a few weeks ago. I have lost 6 pounds so far...HARD WORK!! I would like to start a thread where we encourage each other, share our own tips, tricks and recipes. I am mainly eating Paleo and walking for exercise. Let's work together!! We CAN succeed!


  • Steph1015
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    Cool!i have similar goals.
    GAUCHITA1 Posts: 6 Member
    me too...im 42 and have not been to gym in over a yr...started 3 days ago! Would love to lose 50lbs! that is the goal..i am eating 1200 calories a day and going to plan on going to gym everyday after work...20 minutes cardio..and 20 minutes circuit,,Oh I hope I can do it..I hope we can all do it!
  • Butterflymoon1971
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    I am 44 and have 100 more pounds to lose, but would love to add you as a friend.... I have lost 70 pounds total so far... some before MFP.... 54 on MFP... I love to root people on and help encourage... I am a very positive person... I am getting my teeth pulled today (all of them) so I won't be on here for a few days.... but now I'm on a liquid (or really mashed up so I can swallow without chewing) diet.... Hoping this will help me lose a little more :)
  • smiles4jo
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    I'm 35 and have about 60 lbs left to lose. I could use some extra motivation :)
  • Bethie_ess
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    I'm 42 and hoping to lose around 50# as well! Feel free to add me!
  • modacielo73
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    Count me in!!...i'm 42 going on crazy! I have already lost 40 lbs, but i would really like to loose a min of 60 lbs still....i just cant seem to get motivated anymore :-( I've lost my drive.....so, I'm hoping we can band together and help one another...Help each other stay encouraged both when were slipping or have slipped :smile:
  • sarahclarke557
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    Count me in need to lose 50 pounds
  • FrecklesMo
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    Count me in im 36 and just started to work out a week ago...I need to drop 50 minimum..Im 5 2" and dont wanna make anymore excuses!!!
  • Gidgitgoescrazy
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    Feel free to add me, I just restarted again on Monday, I am 44 trying to lose 50lbs.
  • FrecklesMo
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  • modacielo73
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    For some reason i cant seem to add anyone....feel free to add me instead :smile:
  • aanelson72
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    Right there with you! I can use all the support and motivation I can get!
  • aanelson72
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    I've got 59 pounds to lose and have been struggling with motivation for about 5 years. I could definitely use some buddies who are in the same boat. Feel free to add me!
  • cmr3399
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    Count me in.... 40 in June and 45lbs to go. Motivation is definitely a big need for me.
  • Toffeegirl23
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    Add me
    I have lost 36lbs since September still have about 70 to go.
    In my early 40's
  • Sannperez70
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    Hi there. Im 45 yrs. Just started today with MFP. Need to lose 70lbs. 45 has hit me hard, weight just doesnt want to come off. So any support & tips arewelcomed:-)
  • careyw1
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    I'm 38 just restarted again today... Looking to lose 30 lbs..ladies please add me :D I need all the support I can get...I need to get off this rollercoaster!
  • sleepigrl
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    Hi all - I'm 49 and keeping on after a small loss over the past year. Need to lose about 70 more (give or take some). My actual goal is to make Overweight (and not Obese) by my 50th birthday in September. Feel free to add me!
  • LenaO
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    Hello everyone! I am turning 47 in April and need to lose about 35 lbs. Just started on MFP a week ago. Have been working out for a couple of weeks and have joined a ballet class. Trying my best to keep the calories down, finding it difficult while also making meals for my family.
  • KayMart42
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    Hi there, I'm 42 (that seems to be a popular age in this thread!) and I'm trying to lose 18-20 lbs. I'm having a really hard time! Could use friends, and support, so please feel free to add me.