Scales of truth

Anyone else get the problem with digital scales where you stand on them one time, says a weight you like....then you get back on them in the same place....says something different.

I find myself chasing the scales around the bathroom floor trying to find a consistent spot! bugs the *kitten* out of me!

Anyone got decent hints / tips or should digital be ditched for analogue


  • joelyont
    joelyont Posts: 10 Member
    I put mine in the same spot and only weigh once. take that as the reading. Whilst I'm keeping an eye on my weight I'm now aiming for "belly gone" rather than a target weight, though I do have a weight in mind.
  • sladey_182
    sladey_182 Posts: 98 Member
    That is a fair comment; I guess the real result is a new notch on your belt or the t-shirt fitting better over the belly!

    It's physical results as opposed to a number on a scale....but if the belly is disappearing, then the weight MUST be going in the right direction


  • stepea83
    stepea83 Posts: 161 Member
    yep! i do it 3 times.... 1st time is always a couple lbs heavier than the other 2 times. Also try use the same spot on the floor.
  • 111grace
    111grace Posts: 384 Member
    Heres a bummer, a scale on a carpet is not cool lol. Thanks I like the idea to focus on "belly gone" instead, going to do that :)
  • TavistockToad
    TavistockToad Posts: 35,721 Member
    I leave the scales in the same place and weigh 3 times, then take the average
  • pyrowill
    pyrowill Posts: 1,163 Member
    Just use the same spot. Whats the point. You've already admitted that different spots give different results. How will you know if you are losing weight or its just a better spot.
  • Therealobi1
    Therealobi1 Posts: 3,261 Member
    i have always used the wii board and weigh once a week, i just accept the first reading given